Cora Review

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Cora Tampons
Cost: $9-18/MONTH
Ships To: United States only for now
Coupon Code: For $5 off your first order is CORA5HUNTER until July 15, 2016

Cora provides organic tampons with applicators in a customized delivery, with products donated to girls in need. Ships free, straight to your door. It can be customized to your flow. All the tampons are 100% organic cotton; no chemicals are being absorbed by your body. They bill you according to the payment schedule you select. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. No matter what payment schedule you choose, your Cora supplies will always be delivered quarterly (every three months).

Cora ships via USPS Priority Mail. It comes in a discrete box so no one will know that you are getting tampons in the mail. It doesn't take long to ship out at all.

The packaging for the beginning of your subscription is amazing. You have all these amazing goodies right away to help you enjoy your flow. Cora includes the card detailing you the story of why they started and what all you should have received.

So what is included with Cora starting kit? Fearless Fit Tampons (of course), Little Black Clutch, Little Black Box, and Stowaways. It also includes the instructions on how to insert a tampon.

Let's talk about the tampons first. I'm giving you my honest opinion. I tried them out because it's that time of the month for me already and I wanted to give an honest review. 

I have to wear Supers a lot. That is what is pictured above. I'll be honest the applicator is smooth which is great for an applicator, however, it's a little larger. I'm used to a more sleek bulb shape applicator and I could really tell a difference. The applicator is BPA free plastic though. Cora is working on making a biodegradable applicator which will be amazing for the environment!

The tampons themselves are again, 100% certified organic containing only premium cotton, uniquely woven for maximum absorbency. They are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They have my favorite tampon shape! Their octagonal design ensures even expansion for a perfect fit to your vagina and better absorption, which is very true! Cord is interlocking—not glued—for extra absorbency and leak protection. And the tampons have no fragrances, deodorants, rayon or synthetics!

The wrappers are very quiet. They don't sound like you are opening up a bag of chips in the bathroom. It's also plastic as well. It has a nice pattern to it. 

They come packed in boxes. This is a box of regular tampons. The perforated sides are for the Little Black Box which we will get to soon. There is 18 per box which is great! 

They really make you feel like you are using "adult" tampons with the designs being so sleek and neutral color palette. 

This is the Little Black Box. Holds one cycle’s tampons all in one place. I love this concept! I mean something to organize tampons with? Yes please! Plus it's so chic.

 The inside isn't much to look at, but let's be real it's going to hold tampons. There shouldn't be in mirrors, glitter, or music coming from this box. 

This is the Little Black Box holding the box of Super size tampons. You can tear off the perforated sides and top to the box and just place it inside. Which is very convenient! It is really easy to open the box and pick up a few and go on about your day.

And when you go on about your day you can carry the clutch made of vegan leather and holds a day's supply of tampons for your convenience.

It's a very nice clutch. If this fell out of my purse I wouldn't be ashamed. I highly doubt anyone would know what it is even. It's gorgeous is what it is though!

And last but not least, the Stowaways. This to me is by far what makes Cora stand out from the rest. These are singular tampons in lipstick-sized cardboard capsules. If they fall out of your purse no one would know that a tampon just fell out. Plus it's hard cardboard that isn't going to get destroyed.

These stowaways feature a code: Help a Woman Out—give to a friend and you both earn free monthly supplies. What other tampon company allows you to do that?

Not just the fact that they are making our flow easier and more mature for us, they are helping girls around the world. Did you know that 100 million girls do not have adequate menstrual products around the globe (including the US), forcing them to miss school and lead to them not getting the proper education? What if that could be changed?

For every month’s supply of Cora you receive Cora donates a month’s supply of sustainable pads to a girl in a developing country so she can do anything during her period.

This is a subscription that I can use and really stand behind. There is something to be said about making myself feel better why also helping someone else's life better at the same time. I recommend this brand. Use the code CORA5HUNTER until July 15, 2016! And remember to live fearlessly with your Cora tampons! #fearlessperiod

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