Before You Go: Get in the Disney Know!

When I am taking a trip somewhere new or some place I go many times for vacation (Disney World) I research. When I lived with my dad that was our family time was hooking up my laptop to the TV and looking at the new menu items on Disney. I listen to about 4 Disney Podcasts while I'm driving different places. I follow over 40 Disney accounts on Twitter, and over 100 on Facebook because I like Disney information because it's something I do. Disney World has/is and will always be my favorite place to go.

Dangers of Disney to Know

When I travel to London, I have different books, and websites that are flagged so that I know about them. Which including the bad things about London. Cruises, California, New York, etc; I do research. This is why I have to disagree with travel agents push to get them to use them (including myself.) You lose so much when you don't research and do things yourself. And what happened to learning before you go?

When recent events happening I want my fellow vacationers to enjoy Disney as much as I do. Yes, Disney World is a place to have fun, but there isn't a dome around it (yes people really do believe this.) Disney World can't control animals or the weather. When they built their wedding pavilion they even had to make sure they didn't mess animal habitats in the water and had dig up even more because of laws.

Wildlife is very there at Disney World. Fish, alligators, snakes, deer, ducks, bears, they are all at Disney World and in Florida. Disney World was planted in a gigantic swamp area and they pride themselves on reserving land for animals not far from these wonderful parks (we should be proud of it too!) Disney World likes the fact that at a few resorts you get the feeling of being at the beach, a few resorts over you have the feeling of being in Hawaii, on down from there you can feel like you are in Africa, and then that you are in Louisiana's bayous. And that is an amazing feature of Disney World. People brag on EPCOT making you feel like you have entered different parts of the world, well you can do it for free by resort hopping.

Don't think I am a PETA person. I hunt for turkeys, deer, ducks, and pigs. But destroying our planet because of natural danger is bogus. Make yourself aware of dangers everywhere you go. Don't be naive and just think life is a gigantic video game where you have several lives. You have one, protect no matter where you are.

Insects are VERY prominent at Disney. I honestly heard someone say the other day that Disney World doesn't have mosquitoes. That's a lie-- they have huge ones! They are bigger than the ones in Alabama. And they are very common since Disney has bodies of water everywhere. There are also bees (because Disney likes their flowers!) Yellow jackets are also prominent around the pool areas. Spiders are also at Disney World and you'll find them hanging out around fencing and bridges mostly.

Bacteria is at Disney World. That many people with that heat there will be illnesses spread. People think that Disney cleans every surface after every single person touches it. Nope that doesn't. Disney does an excellent job about cleaning restrooms and cleaning up trash, but germs are spread really easily. Viruses are spread all the time through Disney World. I've been sick many times when returning home from a trip.

Sun just letting people know that 75% of the time on a trip (unless you are really unlucky like me at times) there will be sun. It will be hot, even in the winter when the characters are in winter clothing. Disney will give you a free cup of ice water at any counter service to help combat the heat or to drink with your meal.

Carbohydrate counts in food is a problem at Disney. Maybe not for everyone but as a mom with Type 1 diabetic pump wearer it can be difficult. There is also food allergies to look out for like any public place. And you can ask for specific dietary needs at most Disney food places.

Crime sometimes happens at Disney. People steal because they get greedy. It's a vacation spot and people take advantage of that like any tourist destination. Disney does what they can but they can't control people just like they can't control the weather.

Money traps are also at Disney. This is just a joke (sort of) about Disney World. They have those shops located very nicely. Just when you calm you child down about passing that first Mickey Mouse plush there is a store about 10 yards that has it again. I'm just kidding because it's a lot of fun to teach kids about what and really having a souvenir to enjoy. Prepare yourself and know those most items can be bought on the app Shop Disney Parks when you get home instead of cramming it in your suitcase that is already full.

Just be aware of your surrounding, and be safe. Pay attention to instructions-- and your kids!

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