Disney Reboot: Mousercise

My exercise regime isn't just for my health, but it's for my kids as well. I've had all of my kids at some put want to workout with me. I have two that run with me all the time. I have a few that love yoga. All of theme love to dance and act crazy. My kids do get a lot of exercise, even when they are homeschooling. And sometimes we have to take things indoor or be able to do it in a hotel room.

Our family loves Wii Fit Plus. The kids like competing and the fun games. But there are sometimes when feelings get hurt because they can't do certain games yet because the older ones have better mobility. My kids love the Wii game, Just Dance Disney, as well. Now the little ones can do this just like the older ones. However, there is only a limited number of songs that they can dance to on that game.

This is where the reboot comes into play! I remember watching reruns of Mousercise! It was amazing to do these exercises with Mickey and the gang! Wake up in the morning and stretch and get the blood pumping through the body.

How could Disney do a reboot for kids today? Simple! Youtube, Netflix, console game or application on a device! And they could even bring back Mousercise on all of those!  Three years old today know how operate a smartphone, tablet, and computer. In the past Disney had this programmed for 5 AM and released them on VHS; probably not a good idea for this to be on at 5 AM then or 5 AM now. Yes some kids do get up that early, but some don't. So make it accessible to everyone!

Don't just have aerobics and strength training either. Add in some yoga and dancing for the kids. Kids love doing yoga and there are a lot of benefits to kids doing yoga. Dancing also has several benefits for kids. A good warm up and cool down is essential as well. Also a few water breaks or like they used to have health breaks are perfect and safe!

So how do you keep the kids interested? While Mickey is once again becoming popular thanks to Mickey's Clubhouse. But add in princesses, pirates, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Alice, etc; for captivating the audience of little children and older ones. Add in popular songs for really getting the little ones motivated to move. (Can you just see a routine Let It Go?) Include some original songs, but beloved and classic favorites is the key here! Even add a few songs from the parks to get the family thinking about a trip!

What else would be great is nutrition. Not the FDA standards but healthy options instead of other daily cravings. Plus talking about staying hydrated would be excellent as well. Starting these kind of habits in kids is a great way for it to continue later on in life.

Disney should really consider this because it is something parents are looking towards to these days; healthy foods and exercise for kids. They could even make fitness products for the whole family! I would so get a yoga mat with Disney characters on it! It would be fun for the whole family!

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