June 2016 Favorites

June was a true roller coaster but it ended better than how it started which surprised me. Hope July is just as nice!

When this month started I couldn't have been happier. I was so excited to be living at Disney World again. There is something about being here for the summer. I felt like nothing could go wrong, because all I had to do was get over being sad about it being a year since my Mewmaw passed away.

But then something scary happened. First off, Christina Grimmie, who I had the privilege of actually meeting years ago in Nashville was killed at her concert in Orlando. She had a beautiful voice and bubbly personality that was contagious just watching her videos on Youtube. Then the next night there was the mass shooting in Orlando at the club. It was scary to wake up already upset and finding more upsetting news. I donated blood that very day, which astounded so many. Because I have a huge fear of needles and hate blood for the most part.

I thought that was enough, but then I was at work the next week and the craziness hit Disney World. It was like I was living in a surreal world where everything was around me. Disney World changed as a result of just a few people and I can't say that it didn't make me sad and that it took some time to get over everything and all the changes.

But what I was dealing with while all of this was going on was the fact that I was having health problem that was causing my family gigantic concern. Which just kept continuing through the entire month of June. My body is still coping and that's okay. Honestly, coping is something that I have had to learn!

Eye Makeup Product -

TOO FACED Peanut Butter & Jelly Eyeshadow Palette - Even during the summer I like darker makeup. I like dramatic without hot pink or neons. So this is a perfect palette for me! I love these colors!

Eye Makeup Brush -

MAC 217 Blending Brush - I am a person that hates lines in eye makeup. Blur it! There should only be lines in high dramatic make up. Otherwise make sure one color goes into the other flawlessly.

Face Makeup Product -

Good Morning - Honey Silk Facial Serum - I love this brand. I love how it makes my skin feel. I want everything they offer. This though is really a wakeup call for my skin before putting on make up first thing in the morning.

Face Makeup Brush -

Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki™ Brush - I have started using different types of brush for make up. I like this flat Kabuki brush because it has great coverage and it's from Sigma. I haven't found a Sigma brush that I don't like.

Lip Product -

Dior 'Crème de Rose' Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm SPF 10 - An oldie but a goodie! I just love that I can use throughout the day! It really does amazing things to my lips. I've been using it close to 5 to 6 years, and I go through spells where I just have to have it!

Hair Care Product -

Clairol Hair Food Honey Apricot Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner - I received this in my Sprout box from Influenster. This is the most amazing product for working out and then showering! It gets the dirt and sweat off of your scalp and makes it feel incredibly soft!

Skincare -

Therapy Hydrator - When I first arrived at Disney this summer I headed straight to Basin and about this. I love this during the summer and the Almond one for Fall and winter. This is unlike lotion or body butter. This is very much what it says. It's a very saturated product.

Shower/Bath Product -

Jo Malone™ 'Orange Blossom' Bath Oil - This is expensive, I know. But it is so relaxing. It isn't anything fun which is what I'm used to in a bath. But this was luxurious when I felt horrible and wanted a bath to feel better.

Game -

I didn't really plan any game this month.

YouTube Channel/YouTuber -

Boho Berry - I'm still going strong on my Bullet Journal journey. This woman should be queen of Bullet Journaling! She is truly amazing at this! Plus her penmanship is insane!

Book/Story -

Wisteria Tea Room - I started this series because the third book was free and I bought the first two. Oh I was soooo not disappointed! I loved these books from the very beginning. It kept me very intrigued!

Song/Album -

Sia - Alive - There is something about working out to this song. It really helps me to put more force in my kickboxing. I have recently started kickboxing. It's a really good song for pushing though something.

Movie -

Finding Dory! It's great to have to have the fishes return again!

Pinterest Pin -

I didn't have a favorite Pin. I guess you could say the Apple Pie Wontons, but that's really a recipe!

Disney Moment -

Finding Dory came out in the theaters! Love it too!

Running/Fitness -

FabFitFun - It's kind of like Popsugar, but it's only sent quarterly and it always has something fitness related inside! It's just fun to have.

Food -

Apple Pie Wontons - I tried this recipe for something to snack on randomly. I prefer them without the dipping sauce.

Spotlight Etsy Shop -

PlanwithPizazz - She has some of the cutest Disney layouts. I know I love PrettySheepy, but I like a different layout now and then. Plus hers aren't glossy!

Lookback -

This is a different lookback than normal because I haven't been doing monthly favorites and therefor have not been filming a lookback. So here is February - June;

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