What God Is Calling Me to Do

In a very few short months, I'll be a wife. A wife... That is still settling in my brain. I've been single, a girlfriend, and a fiance. But I've never been a wife. And to my old fashion mind, the one who keeps the household together.  God has been pushing me to learn more about this role. A role that is held in high regards to so many.

For two solid years now, I have been attempting to write a post about being a homemaker. I would write something and then hate it. I would stare for hours and not come up with a point. God wasn't ready for me to talk to the world about being a homemaker--because I still have a lot to learn.

When I think of a homemaker I think of those housewives that seem to have it all together right down to the apron while they cook. They have calendars that every single appointment written down. But I know deep in my heart, no one is perfect. That's the conviction that God is laying on my heart. To learn to better myself for my family, but realize no one is perfect, nor can they be.

No one can do it all no matter how hard they try or how they make is seem like they do. What they don't show is the sweatpants, the actual sweat, and the tears. The real life of dealing with termites, flat tire, or even death. For the longest my life goal was to be perfect. To be the mom that didn't show the hardships of life to my kids. Things have radically change. I'm not saying that I'm saying that I am constantly sad or mad because that has impact on the kids as well. I am just proving to my kids that there are sad and mad moments but you have to overcome them and live.

God has recently led me to a situation that I never thought I would be dealing with-- ever. And while I cannot talk about it now, it became even more clear to me that I need to know how to run a Godly house hold. How to make our house about God without forgetting to live.

And God is providing wisdom and knowledge for me. A few months ago A Pop of Jess sent me a new vlogging family to watch called The Dale Tribe. They are Christians and they have christian morals, but they are still fun and are a very tight knit family! The mother, Amy does Deep Thoughts with Amy that really pack a punch when listening to her speak.

But what really helped me with homemaking and realizing that it's not just something you can jump into is Young Wife's Guide and Homemaking Ministries. One is Jamie Balmet's blog, and the other is the courses and resources website her and her husband run. It's truly amazing to read about how to incorporate living with spiritual homemaking. I want to lead my family in the right direction, the Lord's direction.

Now I want to stop, and address the fact that I do not agree with everything that is said on her blog or the resources website. It's just like A Virtuous Woman. I love some of the information on her website. But she hates Halloween and I can't imagine my life without that spooky fun holiday with a touch of Hocus Pocus.

And that might be wrong of me, but it's what I'm choosing to do in life. We each have on our convictions and the things that stand out to us. And that's also a part of being a homemaker but not losing your authentic self. That's what is most important to me and I think this is why God is leading me through this path instead of a strict path. But again I could be wrong, but don't tell me. Let me discover it!

This is just the beginning of journey into homemaking and leading my family to the direction of the Lord fully. Why is this happening now? Because God has seasoned me to realize that my life is about to drastically change and I need to be set on Him. He is giving me the opportunity to set my eyes on Him before the storm starts so I can be prepared.

What homemaking resources do you use? How do you deal with the pressure? What are some of the blogs that guide you?

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