Why This Modern Girl Loves Vintage

At twenty-five years old, I love to dress up in hair combs, a petticoat, and have Victory Rolls in my hair. Glenn Miller is usually helps me relax like nothing else ( or maybe it is, Dick Singleton and the Single Tones.) And watching Father Knows Best, I Love Lucy, and Make Room for Daddy transport me into another time. I am a modern girl with a vintage heart!

First thing that I love about vintage is the music. Like I said to begin with there is just something so relaxing about Glenn Miller that I just dance away in my head. Sirius Radio has a 40s station that is incredible. I do wish they would make a Bing Crosby station. I think I could just wonder around listening to Let Me Whisper 'I Love You.'

While we are talking about Bing Crosby, can I just mention on how it seemed like they made the holidays seem larger than life and they didn't have projections or LED lights? Tinsel trees shimmered in the lights, and if you had a live tree icles/tinsel were place aka thrown on the branches. Everyone decorated mostly because it was time when people could put away their differences, for the most part, and enjoy a celebration.

Dancing is another reason why I love vintage things. Not everyone enjoyed dancing back then, but it was more accepted thing to do than it is now. Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, and Ginger Rogers are what comes to mind. I think I could watch their videos on Youtube all day long. People don't understand the emotional aspect of dancing. I remember taking dance as a kid and learning the steps. I was very awkward until I put my heart into it and then I started looking more fluid.

What to wear? The petticoat/crinoline look is something that I absolutely love! I was a preteen and fell in love with a dress that had one built in. Not to mention watching Lucy walk through her apartment moving her skirt! Oh I adore that! Today I still the most feminine while wearing such. It just gives you that feeling of just being happy and swishing a skirt. Whirling Turban is the expensive route but ModCloth has a more cheaper flare.

Next reason I love vintage is the artwork! I love the round, cherry cheek look of all characters in any given vintage piece! They were always wholesome pieces and happy for the most part. It's always fun to go look at the vintage pieces you can.

Food is a huge reason I love vintage/retro things! Nothing brings a theme together like food! Jello made a killing off of all meals back in the day. Making It Modern on Youtube has made a name for herself making vintage dishes into modern master pieces! She has lead me to looking into more vintage recipes. While food goes through changes with the decades, like anything, it's interesting to see what people thought were attractive and tasty back then.

Makeup and hairstyle is what started me on the journey to keeping vintage in my life. Odette, from Decoding Odette, introduced me to two different vintage style vloggers; Cherry Dollface and Lisa Freemont Street. Both have incredible ways of going back to a vintage and retro styling of hair and makeup. Who would have thought that pincurling could be so much fun for a girl who loves her curling iron? Not me.

As you can see I love many things vintage. I think I'll let vintage cars be just for my best friend though. She adores vintage cars and I can understand. Her daddy instilled that into her heart. So that's all hers. Even my best friend loves vintage. She claims she doesn't love it like I do but I think it's in her just waiting to be released.

What are some vintage/retro things you?

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