OCD Even When Sick

I have been sick since August 26 and it's now September 3 (or it was when I was writing this) and I have been to the doctor twice now. It has not been fun at all. I haven't been this sick since way before I started blogging.

Being sick makes for a grumpy me. I am not able to do what I want to do. That drives me nuts more than anything that I can go for my normal extra miles run. Plus cooking isn't much fun if you are trying not to cough into the food you are coughing and a coughing attack hits you.

However, I am a computer person. I have a chaise that has a laptop side table and my office desk has a very comfortable chair at it. I spend a lot of my off time at on these two locations. I have a lap table that I keep in the living room because I spend so much of my time on my laptop and such. So when I get sick these have to be cleaned up so I don't constantly get attacked by the same germs.

So I made things easier on me:

Yes I stole the Pinterest trick of using two Kleenex boxes where one is empty and the other is full and rubber band them together. It really comes in handy! It cuts down on the basketball moments of will the Kleenex make it into the trash can or not.

My second thing is I purchased a tiny plastic basket. Medicine is up at the front as well as my hand sanitizer. Smaller Kleenex packs I can grab are in the middle along with some alcohol wipes. In the back are some Simply Balanced Fruit Strips and some different tea bags for me to enjoy while at my desk.

I tried to make things as convenient as I can instead of me having to run up and down the stairs when I am in my office working on things. But I didn't stop just there making things convenient for me while I am sick. I did some rearranging in my kitchen. I made sure the honey spoons were brought to the front and the actually honey moved forward as well. I know it sounds crazy but I like having things neatly and how I want them for when I need them. 

Crazy enough I even have my coffee table beside the couch fixed up for my working and being sick. It's strange I know. But that's my life and how I like things. Kleenex, lotion, hand santizer, medicine, tea diffuser rest, headphones, notepads, pens and nose spray all in one place.

That's how I manage my life while being sick but also when I am not. I am all up for hearing other people's tricks and tips for when they are sick. I want to find more on Pinterest.

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