Movie Challenge

Every time I go to a movie, it's magic, no matter what the movie's about. - Steven Spielberg. I have been wanting a movie challenge for a long time. I had no idea there was one circling until I came across it on Pinterest!

This is going to change my movie watching this year! I want to watch new things. The movies that I wouldn't normally gravitate to on a regular basis.

My best friend and I do the Popsugar Reading Challenge a lot. A Pop of Jess is amazing at it! But I felt like I needed a movie challenge, because like books I tend to watch the same kind of movies over and over and never venture out to try and watch new movies.

So I was surfing around Pinterest back in December and I found it! Something I had been looking for since 2015! Apparently it wasn't popular the year this challenge came out! But it's here now and I'm so grateful for it.

The website that this is from is no longer there so I cannot like to the website. I am two movies into this and I am really enjoying it. I will do an update and a list of the movies at the end of the year. Would you do a movie challenge?

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