Tea Time With Hunter: Christmas, Blogging, & More!

Hello Everyone! It's slightly chilly here in Alabama, but that makes me happy! I am sitting down with a nice cuppa tonight to talk to you about things going on in my life like I usually do once a month. So brew you a nice cup of tea, cider, coffee, etc and enjoy!

First off, it's almost Christmas! Actually it's a week until Christmas, wow! I have really enjoyed this Christmastime. We have done so many things and experienced so much! I wouldn't trade it! Though this Christmas is missing a few people.

Most people assume that I would be a Debbie Downer since I lost my Mewmaw this year. I also lost a friend, and uncle. But I really believe God has given me quite the perspective this year. Mewmaw wouldn't have wanted me to wallow. This isn't my worst Christmas. I can tell you the year real quick of which was the worst Christmas I've had (2010, but more on that later if you ask.) This Christmas isn't the worst. I won't go as far to say it's the best either.

One of the things I wanted to do this year was to create some new traditions. Last year we started a British tradition in our house of Christmas crackers. We had a fabulous time with them. I purchased many different sizes this year. But this year I wanted even more. British customs and traditions are different enough that it's new. Like chocolate ornaments! Why isn't this a thing in the US!?!

So some people have been wondering what have I been doing in my time since I'm not online as much and I'm not blogging. Okay the thing is I needed time with Vin. Our house is crawling with kids. And while we are very mature adults there are times when it's just us and we can act like nuts. I mean literally, the other night we were jumping on the bed.

Or a funny moment between the two of us the other night was it was like midnight and I came out of my office and I only heard half of what Vinny said, "Grandma got run over." Now it's midnight, I've been up to my neck in wrapping paper and I have worked all day. No my mind did not go to "Grandma got run over by a reindeer." My mind went to freaking out and crying. And when he corrected me it went to me beating him with a throw pillow.

It's those little moments that I have loved this season. We have just enjoyed being weird, wacky, and a little tacky! We are that couple that seriously dresses alike. Like matching sweaters and same denim wash blue jeans. One my twelve days of Christmas presents from him was a "Weasley" sweater. I have an "H" and he has a "V." We are a really strange couple.

We are a random couple. There are moments when we actually sit down and talk about money and what are going to do about this in the wedding (those moments are far and few.) And then there are the sweet moments when he kisses my cheek or my forehead. And then... There are the moments when I put the motion sensor talking Santa face in his bathroom after he goes to sleep and he runs out of the bathroom screaming like a girl the next morning. That's us!

It's his birthday today, so he gets birthday presents and his 12 Days of Christmas present from me. We are actually at my Grandma's making, baking, and decorating! She's thrilled to get to feed him something for his birthday! And I'm thrilled that I don't. He likes to eat on his birthday. Apparently a lot of gravy looking at that bum!

Nah, I love Vin's body. I do talk about him a lot. Or I think I do. Apparently sometimes I don't which makes people wonder if we are ok. You'll know if we aren't okay. I still feel the exact same way I felt about him 2 years at this same time. Back when it was me, him, Rain and Rachel (the dog) in a tiny 1,200 square foot house. I still adore him.

So my wish for you this holiday season is to turn on some twinkling lights, snuggle up in a blanket, with your pet, your significant other, or your children and just enjoy the season! Be well and warm!

Faith, Roll Tide, and Pixie Dust!

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