Disney Reads Day

It's Disney Reads Day! Disney stores, almost, everywhere are having storytelling time! It's a chance to get children excited about reading. Plus, if you haven't check out some of the books Disney releases you need. Yes, Disney releases books as well every year, not just movies!

An idea came to after I search for a Disney reading challenge. I took one and made it my own. I love challenges that I sign up throughout life. It's fun to test what's possible for me. I cannot wait to expand on this idea! 

Why a Disney reading challenge? Well there are plenty books to read if you want to know what the movies are based on. You could even some of the fairy-tales they are based on. But instead I thought it would be interesting to take whatever genre you prefer and make it Disney! This is something that I love doing it turning everyday moments and things into something Disney related!

I hope you join me on this celebration!

★ Disney Inspired Challenge ★
Will you accept this magical challenge?

How it works

-You may use books from other challenges
-You may NOT use books you read prior to the start date.
-You may choose your books before hand or as you go.
-All or nothing; no picking and choosing from each category

Posting format: Book Link (rating) Date completed

Duration: 6 months from start date

Start Date: Person's Discretion

Difficulty Levels
Easy: One story category
Medium: Two story categories
Hard: Three story categories
Boss: All four story categories

The Challenge

Snow White & The Seven Dwarves
A book with a cover that has fruit on it
A book with a white cover
A book whose main character is extremely beautiful
A book which the main characters' love interest rescues them in some way

The Little Mermaid
A book that features a mermaid, siren, etc.
A book with a cover that features water
A book that features a forbidden relationship
A book that features a main character leaving an old life behind

The Beauty & The Beast
A book with a yellow cover
A book that features a characters insecurities
A book which the title has rose or roses in it.
A book that takes place in the past (historical)

Peter Pan
A book that features trees or is green
A book about fairies or fae
A coming of age story
A book that features jealousy

What other categories would you like to see made? I am thinking of adding several other movies as time goes on! Some of the categories I'm already involve the Disney Parks and their resorts as well!
  • Overview Disney World
  • Overview Disneyland
  • EPCOT: Future World
  • EPCOT: World Showcase
  • California Adventure
  • Pop Century Resort
  • Polynesian Village Resort
  • Frozen
  • Lilo & Stitch
Let me know how you like this idea! Plus, I want to know what you read and how you rate it! I'll keep you updated on mine as well. Who knows we may ditch the time duration and just let it be an ongoing reading challenge!

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