My Weekly Errands

Being a mom ( a woman in general) usually means you have some errands to run. I make me a list out at the beginning of the week of places I need to go. Most of the time there are a few more that pop up that I have to do on a whim. Sometimes the whim ones don't show up in my planner. But sometimes they do.

Flylady recommends having an Errands Day. I tried my hardest to set a day each week to do errands. That didn't happen for me. So I write my errands to do for that week. This is usually based on my shopping list that I make on Sundays and the coupons I clip out as well. Sometimes there is a special item in quest for me and that's why a certain place makes it on my errand list.

This was the week of Valentine's Day; February 8th through February 14. This was before we went to Disney World so I had several things to pick up for our upcoming trips. We were also still in North Carolina for most of this as well. Which is another reason why an Errand Day didn't work out for me.

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This is from New Year's Week. I was preparing for the new year by redecorating. Finding the devotional that my Facebook group is doing this year, and shopping for groceries.

Weekly the places that show up on my "Errands/Places To Go" are:
  • Target - This is ALWAYS in my planner. I go to Target two times a week. I have to literally be out of the country to not go to Target. I am truly a Target addict. I will admit that
  • Micheals/Joann's/Hobby Lobby - I love craft stores and I go quite often. This is for crafts, decor, and planner things.
  • Aldi/Trader Joe's/Whole Foods/Fresh Market - I like to grocery shop. I like that Tuscaloosa is slowly bringing more options for grocery shopping. However, for Whole Foods and Trader Joe's I still have to go to Hoover, but I do it!
  • Ulta/Sephora - Being a makeup addict I am constantly going in here to see what's new. I love these stores. I am a huge member of their beauty clubs. 
  • Credit Union - Sometimes I will run to the bank for my sister, but everyone else I know uses the credit union that I do so it's easy for me to run through there for everyone.
These are the ones that show up most often. I usually have few things like Bath and Body Works, Bama Fever. Just places that pop up with a coupon or I need a certain item.

Now I will admit that I love Errand Day videos on Youtube. I don't know why I love to just curl up at watch Youtube videos of things that I do. It makes me wonder about what other products people use and such. I just love daily vloggers and vloggers in general.

Where are your weekly errands to? Do you like to watch Errand Day videos? Who do you like to watch the most?

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