My Morning Routine

What are some of the rituals that you have in the mornings? What is your routine that your ritual is a part of? How long do you have to yourself and God?

My days might be crazy but I can assure that you no matter where I am my mornings look similar. To me it's the best way for my, crazy busy or extremely laid back, days to start the same. It is still evolving in some parts, but for now it's what I love.

  • First off I start my day by simply praying. This was a ritual that took forever to get down because sometimes I just wanted to start my day or go to the bathroom.
  • Then it's time for me to take my temperature since I have started charting for when we start trying for a family I can know my body well. If you want to know more about our TTC journey you can go to the blogs called: Surprise: TTC Journey Begins! and Our Prenatal Journey is Beginning
  • Potty break time!
  • Wipe time! No not from the bathroom but my face and body gets a wipe over with a wipe before start getting ready for a workout. I use Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes for my face to get all of my grime of sleep off of me. And I use Honest Wipes for my body.
  • Especially during the cold months I make sure I am moisturizing my face and lips in the brisk cold air. I am loving First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer and Chapstick Total Hydration Soothing Oasis.
  • I suit up after that. I have mostly been running lately so that's what we will go with for this post. I have also been doing the Tone It Up (TIU) workouts as well. So my running counts as my Booty Call which is really about getting your heart rate up.
  • As I make a peanut butter and oatmeal smoothie, I wake up my daughters that like to run with me. I make sure they are suiting up and getting ready.
  • I give them each a peanut butter bagel. (Note: Not all of my children get up at this time. I take the ones that want to go. I have some that are just as serious about working out as I am. I do give them the option to get up and exercise with me, but it's not mandatory for them to get up and run.)
  • Everyone has their water bottles ready and I make sure I have both my running one and my resting one.
  • We all stretch and I strap on my ankle weights and wrist weights.
  • They run their amount with their daddy (Vin) and I keep going on my training runs. If I am not recovering my usual is for 8-10 miles. I push for 10 because I get the most out of it.
  • Stretching afterwards makes me realize that I have pushed my body. I read my First 5 while making my bed.
  • At this point I either go for my TIU workout or I go get a shower. Either way the next step involves a shower at some point.
  • Now my getting ready routine is still being hashed out at this point. I usually put a leave-in conditioner and catch up on Facebook while enjoying a post workout smoothie.
  • I dry my hair first before I do anything else. I don't know I'm weird. Products on my hands from lotion and makeup make me squirm when touching my hair.
  • After that it's time for me to moisturize! All over!
  • I dress and get ready.
  • Brush those teeth!
  • The kids are usually all up at the point that I'm down the stairs. I usually don't get to eat with them if I'm working that day. If I'm not working I sit down with them.
And that's really the start to my morning. My alone time comes at night. When I can get really enjoy being quiet and still. How does your mornings go? 

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