Where I like to be "Goofy" While at Disney!


There is so much to do at Disney. There is really something for everyone. But what about some quiet time. Time to just be goofy and have a vacation? Disney has that too! The pools are mostly hopping with tiny humans, that people call their children, including my own, so it's not as quiet. These are my little nuggets of quietness!

The arcades - Many of the resorts have arcades. I have played some of my best air hockey games at the arcades! They are very spacious and have several different games. Sometimes if you have older children and younger children in the same room it's better to take the older

Trails - Sometimes I really need to get away from the hustle and bustle that Disney sometime can produce. Even my resort room or villa can seem to make me feel claustrophobic. So I like to go for a stroll. Even at some resorts there are hammocks.

Monorail - Sometimes it's just nice to ride the monorail around and look at other deluxe resorts. I always used to have a park hopper, but now that I am an Annual Passholder I just walk through EPCOT and walk through the loop of Deluxe hotels there as well. It's nice and refreshing and still lots to see and do!

Gift Shop - Since I ALWAYS stay on Disney property I love the fact that you can have the things that you buy sent back to the resort and you pick it up at your gift shop of the resort! I think they do this to sucker you into buying more things while you are there, which I don't mind. I love it. I love spending a few minutes in the gift shop each day.

Lobby - Sometimes if I am tired of walking I don't feel like standing at the arcade or the gift shop, or walking trails or to the parks to get the monorail I simply just relax in the lobby. I stake me out a good chair most of the it's an area where no one is. Just a chair put there for someone like me who takes her planner or a book and has some time to herself while at Disney.

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