Schooling in Our House: 2016 Update

I knew instantly when Rain and Luna (my first babies) became my concern that we weren't going to public school. I toyed with the idea of private school, but even that felt to stifling to me. School has really changed since I was even in high school. Things that once would be punished for are no more. Actions that were once bad, now are just "symptoms." My children wouldn't be able to eat their beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because of the no nut rule.

So we are changing the game and we haven't stepped a foot in a school for a full 8 hours. One point in time I thought my homeschooling had to look like school. That's not the case. Not everything has to be on paper or out of a book. There is so many opportunities...

-School: "Do what you're told."
-Homeschool: "Do what you're told... by your mom."
-Unschool: "Do what you want."
-Worldschool: "Do what ya gotta do..."

-Unschool - Trust yourself, your child, and the individual.
-Homeschool - Trust your family, friends, and community.
-School - Trust school, government, and institutions.
-Worldschool - Trust the world and the universe.

-School teaches there are few possibilities for you.
-Unschooling teaches there are infinite possibilities.
-Worldschooling teaches you which are truly for you.

~Worldschooling is when the world schools you.

Worldschooling is when you get your butt kicked... in a sacred manner. And then learn from it... in a sacred manner.

"Because the world owes us nothing, and we owe each other the world."
-Ani DiFranco "Joyful Girl"

Brief, clear definitions for homeschooling, unschooling, and worldschooling:

I am also getting involved in something called Disney Homeschooling. It's kind of like homeschool or unschooling but at Disney! Disney has so much to offer. I also am a huge fan of Montessori homeschooling as well. 

People look at me strange and say that my children won't be taught well enough. Excuse me, it doesn't matter. Do you realize how many high school graduates cannot balance a checkbook, but they have to know theorems that will be taught in college-- AGAIN!

 People ask me what if my kids don't do as well in college. Well maybe, I am not going to push them to go to college. Oh I heard the gasp-- Seriously! Trade school is also amazing. However, if my child wants to be the manager at any fast food place I just hope that they can give back correct change, be polite, and get an order right. I'll be accepting of that.

Just remember these eerie words of an U.S. Federal Judge Melinda Harmon, "Parents give up their rights when they drop the children off at public schools."

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