Disney Sunday: Happy Easter + Disney Inspired Reading Challenge

It might be gloomy in Alabama today, but it is a glorious feeling in my heart today! It is Easter! Happy Easter! I'm very happy that it is Easter and what all it brings to the whole world!

Since it's Easter I want to show you the Disney Easter parade and then I will talk about the Disney Reading Challenge. The parade was fantastic from all that I seen! It really gears me up for Easter!

Wasn't that wonderful? I love the Antebellum costumes! Love the pastel colors of them. That's now going on my bucket list to see in person!

So onto the Disney Inspired Reading Challenge! I haven't read much this year, but that's okay there is plenty of this year left to read! It is only April (technically) so we still have 8 months of reading time left! I gave you four different categories the last time and that's what I am giving you this month as well.

Overview: Walt Disney World
A book that takes place in Florida
A book by an author from Florida
A book that has oranges on the cover or an orange book
A book with the title featuring sun or Sunshine

Overview: Disneyland
A book set in California
A book featuring hanggliding
A book with a ferris wheel on the cover
A book about Walt Disney, himself

EPCOT: Future World
A book set in the future
A book with car racing in it
A book with an umbrella or parasol on the cover
A book about a greenhouse or gardening

EPCOT: World's Showcase
A book with wine or flower in the title
A book about traveling around the world
A book with the cover featuring a map
A book with the word "world" in the title

I have considered the idea of giving this reading challenge inspired by Disney its own personal blog. That way you don't have to search my ramblings for 

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