A Little Getaway from Wedding Planning: Las Vegas Mini Trip

Vin and I are really gearing up with all of the wedding planning. And it can get overwhelming quickly. We have things simplified and we are still having to rub our foreheads and scratch our chins on some of these choices. So daydreaming about a getaway is very nice!

Searching through Vegas.com got me thinking about what I would take on a trip to Vegas. Since we are talking about a getaway from things I want something fun and relaxing! A lot of people said I should include something romantic. Don't get me wrong I get it's me and Vin getaway, but yes, we are still waiting until marriage for the heavy romantic. So I want this trip to be more and let loose than anything.
So after searching for many nights for a Vegas resort that we could enjoy on this trip without going too far out of our comfort zone, I found the perfect little gem. It tucked away off the strip but it is perfect for us. The decor of Silverton is what we are use to on many trip.
When I looked further into this hotel there were a number of things I liked about it. The thing I like best about Silverton is that it has a huge aquarium with a mermaid show. That's pretty amazing. Also there is a two-story Pro Bass Shop in the hotel! And while having a resort give you Bath and Body Works soaps and lotions may not mean much to some, it means a lot to this country girl!

A three day weekend getaway sounds really good to getaway from all the wedding craziness. To have fun, and yet still remember why we are saying "I do," is where this trip will led us to at the end. So what about a packing list? What about things to do?

Since I am the girl from Alabama, I have to fly to Vegas. Don't get me wrong I can do a car trip to Disney World, but um, that's Disney. My leaving out fit ties into my wardrobe for the trip. I believe in utilizing the art of layering for trips where I just bring a carry-on. So jeggings (denim flex ™ medium wash jegging), shirt (UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA FITTED V-NECK TEE), pull over hoodie (adidas Originals 'Cosmic Confession' Hoodie), and shoes (KEDS X kate spade new york Champion Cream Glitter) will be what I wear. On the plane I like to pass the time while flying. I know I'll be reading the Gambling for Dummies because hello, the craziest I've done is play the Florida State Lottery because I'm there so much!

One of the things I know I have to do in Vegas is selfies with Vin! I have a great list from Refinery 29: 6 Selfies You have to take in Las Vegas. The sundress is going to come in handy! I know there will be many different memories from this trip, but a touch of our own little memories will be great for this. I like something that is perfect to walk in but doesn't show too much leg and keeps me kind of on the vintage side of classy! This perfect little number is from Modcloth: Fleur-ever Yours Dress.

There are two things that can really help me feel relaxed, music and water. So I think that a good playlist for the weekend is a great idea but a couples massage is even better! Of course, we will have Britney Spears on the playlist because she has had such an impact on this area. It is also amazing to realize that she really is a strong and talented person. But our couples' massage would definitely be at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace. Because honestly just looking at the pictures of this spa makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

What's the one thing that comes to many people's mind when mentioning Vegas? Gambling! There are all kind of fun and fabulous places to gamble the night away. I really doubt that we do that, but who knows! I can guarantee that the small loan I'll be carrying will be in this RFID Phone Wallet which is Sydney by Fossil. However, the lucky underwear is a bit of a problem. I only have lucky underwear and that's football season for my Alabama Crimson Tide. I highly doubt it will work as good for me.

Because I am a daredevil so I like some adrenaline through into a vacation. So of course I want to go zip-lining through Fremont St! Dressed in leggings and a killer top would be freaking amazing. I like the ease of having a killer top that is also comfortable. So I would definitely have a killer top like Angel Wings Cold Shoulder Top and along with some awesome leggings like Paneled Faux Leather Pants.

I am not going on vacation without getting in a pool. The pool is not all flashy with waterfalls or anything, which I kind of like because this is more about relaxing and forgetting everything. You can event rent cabanas for the day which would be even nicer because it comes with beverages and food. Resting all day by the pool while watching Youtube in a cabana while wearing a Victoria's Secret The Strappy-back Getaway Halter with the Teeny Bikini.

Vin has had requests for this trip, and I have let him beings he is going on the trip with me. He had an interesting request, and it wasn't a topless show. He wants to eat at Giada's restaurant. So I was looking into the restaurant and discovered that sometimes she really is at the restaurant and will come take pictures with the guests! That is amazing and I want to look my best, so to pulled together I will have my favorite makeup essentials and hair essentials with me in my makeup bag just in case we do possibly run into her!

Vin and I both agreed on watching Cirque Du Soleil, because we have seen the Disney one. We agreed on the O by Cirque Du Soleil because it seemed the most intriguing to us. I usually dress up for these because these shows are amazing so I would wear the sundress with these amazing sandals from Christian Louboutin called Olydia Flat. They are perfect for walking but also having a lot
of maturity and class. I adore that they are still stylish and yet comfortable.

One of the other things that Vin wants to do on this trips is Adventure Combat Ops where he can battle zombies basically. It prepares you for the inevitable zombie apocalypse with special ops training from professionals with Army Ranger, Navy SEAL, Green Beret, and Delta Force backgrounds. It’s like a game of Call of Duty in real life, with plenty of guns, firepower, and explosions. It takes up two hours for the experience that will make take you into the reality of the fantasy world. This might be where my little bottles of booze comes in because this isn't something that I'm as interested in anymore. And I'll need them if we aren't any count at it, because I'm not too much for losing at something.

One thing that I have discovered that has went not only on my Vegas bucket list, but my life bucket list as well. I had never heard of is SkyJump at the Stratosphere. Their website says it all;
Leap into history with a dive off the Stratosphere Tower at SkyJump -- the Guinness World Record holder for highest commercial decelerator descent. It’s a scream-inducing, adrenaline-pumping jump from an official height of 829 feet.

As far as pajamas go that might be what I buy myself as souvenir. I like doing stuff like that for souvenirs. Something useful, yet fun works as a great souvenir. And after a long day of walking around, possible drinking, and even more possible debt that's where that faithful aspirin comes in at on the list.

So what would you pack in just your one bag to Vegas? And please check out the list of resorts available in Vegas, and of course, tell which one you would pick! It's not an easy decision let me tell you.

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