Review: Quaker Breakfast Flats

Are you a busy person? I am! So anytime that I find a product that is perfect for on the on-go or makes my life simpler I grab it and love it! So that's why when Influenster sent me Quaker Breakfast Flats to try out I was so excited! They have the exact criteria as above!

We were just simply checking my Luna's blood sugar and none of us were expecting the results. A blood sugar of 587 is beyond a healthy blood sugar, it's highly dangerous. Grabbing up everything I needed I grabbed up these bars knowing that I don't like hospital food. Really and truly, I don't care for hospitals at all, but I knew that's where we were headed.

Test after test, IV, and insulin, we were told she has Type 1 diabetes. Vin was prepared for that news I was not. I have hypoglycemia, where my blood sugar drops a lot from different activities. So this new thing of her pancreas not working was all garble to me. We had to stay the night of course.

By the next morning I was really hungry, because I can seriously put away some food when I'm not anxious and nervous. However, being in a hospital (no matter how nice it was) was still giving me a headache and making me hungry. I grabbed these bars out of my bag and was pleasantly surprised.

The texture of these is amazing! I love the fact that they don't break my teeth. I can't tell you how many times I go for a breakfast, granola, or oak bar and they about break your teeth. These were not overly chewy, but I didn't feel like I needed to go to the dentist afterwards.

I love the amount of sugar in these; I do have low blood sugar. I like the flavor these had because they had the right amount of flavor in each bite without having too much. Plus you get three of these in a pack! That was the best. I happily munched on these while reading the new information packet given to me by the doctor. I was happy I didn't have to result to a Snickers bar so I wasn't hangry at the doctors.

So thanks Influenster for sending these so no doctor was harmed!

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