July 2017 Favorites & Flip Through of the Month in Life Planner

Yes! It's another month closer to fall! It's the end of July! Back to school sales are in full swing, and the last of the sand needs to be shook from your bags and feet, because crunchy leaves are coming!

I hope you enjoy the new monthly favorites & Flip Through of my Erin Condren for the month of July.

Hello August! Only a few weeks until we get to the "ber" months! July, see ya later! This year the fourth of July wasn't a lot of fun. We had accidents with our family which kind of threw off the fun. Construction downstairs on my house was finished and Vin moved back home with his babies! I did go to D23 Expo with my mom which was awesome! I started purchasing LulaRoe. But the big thing that sticks out to me was I finished The Reset Girl's Reset Camp and I FIINISHED THE HPATHON! You have to read all seven of the original Harry Potter books before the end of the month! This year, I did it! I loved it! But here is what else I loved this month.

Look Back at Erin Condren:


Vitamin C Facial Wash Soap & Glory - This was picked up on a whim while at a visit to Ulta. This stuff is great! I can seriously feel it cleansing my skin. That to me is a sign that it works. I'm really big on things like that. I bought the travel size just to test it. Needless to say I'm going to buy the full size.


Soap & Glory Heel Cream - I hate summer anyhow, but added to the fact that it feels like my feet get dry three times as fast, and I loathe summer. I actually don't like flip flops, that's not to say I don't wear sandals or flip flops occasionally but you do not see me wearing flip flops to work. I wear heels and flats mostly to work. So my feet aren't terrible but they are to me. So I'm excited for this cream. It heals my feet and makes them so soft and it smells amazing!


Annie's Fruit Snack - People have always talked about Annie's brand. But lately we have been loving it. But what stands out the most from this brand is the fruit snacks. We love the Pink Lemonade bunnies from Annie's. The rest are the flavors are still very good but the pink Lemonade is really good!


Amazon Echo - You know how you want something but just don't want to pay as certain price for it, so you wait. And then all of the sudden, wham a price you can't resist. Yeah that sucked me in on Prime Day. Well some others in my house had the Echo Dots which aided in the act of me getting one. These are so amazing! I love speaker on it, the sound quality. I am still considering a Google Home in the future though, or even an Apple Home.


Depth of Field - I may or may not get some flack about this. Yes it's a male/male romance novel. It's what I've been reading this year. I wasn't sure about reading but I have really enjoyed them. Riley Hart is an amazing author. I've read atleast four of her books this year. This is probably her best book, or atleast to me it is.


Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood's The Fighter - Vin and I got back together in July, and he loves singing this with me. We have made so many memories while this song is playing in the background. It's going to be a long time before I stop listening to this song.


Truth of the Batter Sneaker By Keds - I know a lot of people thought I was probably going to talk LulaRoe during this, but these sneakers were with me from the beginning unlike LLR. And you'll probably see way too much about it in the future. But these sneakers have just been amazing. I love the Keds brand all of my life. Hey, TSwift even loves them. I love these for when I come home in the afternoon and have to go somewhere these Keds are simply perfect!

Tried & True Returning Favorite: 

Benefit Poreless Primer - I've been getting primers in Ipsy and I've been using those. But I used up one and I wanted something that would last for a while not just a sample of primer. I went back to one that I knew was good and I knew would last me a long time. I'm excited to have this in my arsenal again!

New Obsession:

Colgate® 360°® Advanced 4 Zone Toothbrush - This is sort of a random pick that I discovered one day. I really wanted a non electric toothbrush for a change. This is an amazing toothbrush. I love the different "zones" of the toothbrush. I could certainly tell a difference in my teeth after using this toothbrush for a week. My mouth actually felt cleaner than it had in months.

Favorite Blog Post or YouTube Video:

Potion Shop Sounds | Apothecary Ambience | 45 Minutes - During the Reset Girl's Reset Camp, everyone else was listening to birds chirping and river sounds. I'm not that kind of girl. So I found my own soothing music or ambiance sounds. And this led to some other great ambiance sounds like Harry Potter common rooms!


d23 Expo - I enjoyed this with my mom so much. We had a blast together, but apart as well. We were excited to learn all about the new things coming to Disney World, Disneyland, and just the world. There is so many new things that it was slightly overwhelming but amazing at the same time.

Mommy Favorite:

Owlet Sock 2 - With Queenie and Freddie being preemies coming at 32 weeks it's very scary when they are released from the hospital. But these little socks give a huge peace of mind. It's so easy to put on their little feet. It never bothers them, because they have always known something to be on their feet. But this has alerted to the things we need to know. We sleep so much better with those in our house.

If you want to know more mommy favorites my next post is going to be about a few of my favorites from their second month! I won't do this every month because I'm sure a lot of them will stay the same. Until next month for my daily life favorites though!

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