3 Tips for Mousekeeping

What is Mousekeeping? Mousekeeping is the cleaning staff that takes care of your room while you are out in the parks having fun. They have to go through a lot of training to be able to clean the rooms and a lot of time they do not get the recognition they deserve. There are a few simple tips to make sure that you remember the little people that make your trip easier and cleaner.

Mousekeeping is known for their awesome towel animals or Mickey head towel rings laying on the bed when you enter your room for your stay. But sometimes, it doesn't happen. Do not be discourage, or get upset (I've seriously seen people get furious about this.) Sometimes they run out of time to do cute towels. The reason is sometimes people are in the room, and still want a clean room. Well that takes time. Also leaving a very junky room will result in slowing down the mousekeeping. Tidy up a little before you go to the parks!

There are huge debate on how to tip mousekeeping. Some people tip at the end of the trip in one big sum or some daily. I like to have more fun with it and go with daily tipping. We create cute envelopes and write notes to the mousekeeping. (More interaction with them will result in more pixie dust fun!) We leave ours out daily so whoever cleans the room we know gets the money. We tip $1 per person in the room. Now as a DVC member you only get a few complimentary room cleans, unless you pay daily. I usually pay but I still tip. Now if you pay without DVC, your room is cleaned every day. But towels are always free and delivered to your door after you request them. If you want more ideas on Mousekeeping envelopes look to Pinterest.

At last, but not least. BE KIND! These people are human too. You are not above them because you are on an expensive vacation. They are trying to make your stay nice and clean. It never hurts to get to know them. They have feelings, families, and friends just like you. There is so much more respect earned if you treat them with respect. Plus, you never know but they could be dealing with a lot at home. Just like you and I deal with a lot while we are work thinking about our home life. They are too.

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