Disneyland Paris Weekend Questions Answered

Hello from Paris! I have been here since September 22nd, and I've mostly been at Disneyland Paris Resort. This is my third visit to this Disney park! I've enjoyed a wonderful run weekend again. I was very happy to be apart of history!

How does Disneyland Paris differ in comparison to other Disney parks and how did you enjoy it? 

Wow that's really a loaded question. There is a lot of ways it differs from the obvious of English is not the first language you hear. You do hear English eventually and most of the rides have that options. The signage does as well. This is a lot like Disneyland in California. I really enjoyed the differences in the parks. 

What are some of the unique foods and items you can see?
First off, they have their own gummies! This is what I am bringing most of my kids as souvenirs. Fried egg gummies what is not to love? They have marshmallow sticks (which I love!) but granted you can find them in the states it is just rare. The had an ice cream bar shaped like a guitar near the Rockin' Roller coaster. Paris is big on coffee in general, and Disneyland Paris is no different! They MAKE the coffee right in front of you and there are a lot of coffee station and Mickey cakes are available! Waffle and crepe stands were also amazing! Cotton candy on stick and flavored popcorn (sweet flavors) were also available! Plus plenty of unique ice cream treats! The food was delicious and I expected nothing different. The only thing I will say is that the hotel restaurants were not prepared for runners to eat AFTER the race. I think perhaps Disney could address this the next time. Staying in the park was the only option.

What are some none Disney related things you highly enjoyed about Paris?

My favorite was visiting a cafe that Hemingway frequented, Les Deux Magots. I was slightly obsessed with Hemingway last year (not his novels but his life.) I also enjoyed seeing a few landmarks. But I stayed close to Disneyland Paris though.

How would you describe your runDisney experience there and how does it differ from any previous runDisney experiences?

There are things they need to work on and things that were fantastic! I love the wave release for corrals. It was a blessing because runners were not tripping over each other like they do in the states. I loved the security for the races. The kid races were a hit. I loved the Half Marathon Again a complaint would be the night before "carb party." It was fun and different, but not what I am used to. And the expo could still be better here. It was very scattered and crammed crazy! But being a part of Disney history made up for everything!

We really did have a fantastic time. The fireworks were probably my favorite thing! My French is no where near fluent, but the melodies were familiar thanks to my Disney love so I still teared up. It was such an incredible display of fireworks! It was almost better than Wishes. My other favorite thing was that it felt like fall and looked like fall! It was honestly amazing to this southern girl! Now to return home to 80 degree weather!

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