Autumn Tag 2016

It's that time of year where I talk to you about my favorite autumn things! It's FINALLY getting cooler in Alabama, no more 90s! So that is a sign for an autumn post!

🍁 What is your favorite Autumn hobby? 

Journaling, planning, walking through leaves, and anything like that.

🍺What is your favorite fall drink? (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

Hot tea, apple cidar, pear nectar, and pumpkin juice! I also pick up drinking coffee again because of the flavored coffee.

🌾What is your favorite Autumn scent(s)? 
Cinnamon, leaves, cedar, bonfires, pumpkin, apple... Better question is what scents of autumn do I not like?

πŸ‚ Where is your favorite spot in your city/town to watch the leaves change color?

In Alabama it's taking the back roads in Vance, or sneaking away to Fort Payne. But I love North Carolina's Asheville for foliage!

πŸŽƒ What are you planning on doing for Halloween? 

We are going to Disney World with my family the week before hand then for Halloween Day/Night we are going to be in the mountains for the small town Halloween Fall Festival! 

πŸ•ΈHow do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween?

I have decorations everywhere! Bathroom, mudroom, foyer, nothing stands still without being decorated. All of the pictures frames are covered in spider web, pumpkins, and lights everywhere!  

🍻 What’s your favorite fall activity to do with a friend or a group or friends? 

Football games, hayrides, and big cookout.

πŸ”₯Outdoors next to a bonfire or indoors next to a fireplace? 

Both... I love them both way too much!

🎩 Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what as? 

We talked about this just yesterday. We talked about several things and I just keep wanting to let my inner child out and be a witch.

☔️ What is your go-to rainy day outfit? 

Comfy pullover, autumnal colors (burgundy, crimson, black, orange, dark green, mustard yellow, brown),

πŸͺ What is your favorite Autumn dessert?

Brownies or pecan pie!

πŸ‘» Do you enjoy the cute or scary side of Halloween? (Or both!) 

It's kind of both. I do prefer the more cute though.

πŸ’€ Do you like going to haunted houses? 

Well not exactly. I like the kiddie version of haunted houses. This mama has finally hit that level. I don't mind haunted houses... I just prefer Haunted Mansions.

🌧Favorite Autumn rainy day activities? 
Listen to music, knit, bake, blog, and/or pin

These are my favorite posts to do each year. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! This is my favorite time of year every year! Feel free to do this tag! I choose A Pop of Jess!


  1. I love this list!!!! I've never had pumpkin juice before! Where do you buy it?


      It's rather expensive but it's a wonderful treat to have!