Summer 2018 Bucket List

Hooray for spring being over with an on to my second least favorite holiday. Summer, you are hot, you humid, and you are horrible. People up north fuss because they have snow, snow in April. I get that's a bust. But it is so hot in Alabama we don't want to go outside because we can't breathe because of the humidity and the actual degree of heat!

So again, I'm making a fun list to survive the hot, humid days of summer.

This season I'm not doing a printable. There is a reason too. I just do not feel like many people will want to do the things on my list, because I'm not going outside. All of the Summer Bucket Lists on Pinterest are for people who live up north area where summer is 70-80 range and only 13 days of 90-degree temperatures.

1. Watch the old Parent Trap series and the newer Parent Trap.

I'm so excited about watching this with the kids! Some of them have seen either of them, but we are going to watch them all! And we may throw in Troop Beverly Hills.

2. Farmer's Market visit.

This is probably the one thing that every Summer Bucket list has on it. And I'm joining that because I do I love it!

3. HP athon

So excited for this! This will be my second year!

4. Make my own charcuterie board.

This, this is huge for me. I'm always so envious of people's charcuterie boards on Instagram. Do I compare my body on Instagram? No. Cheeseboard? Oh yeah.

5. O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S book challenges.

A good ole book challenge. You didn't really think I could go all year and not do a book challenge right? Vin and I are actually going to do these in August and September! Because we are the weirdos that like this sort of thing.

6. Watch Fireworks

Another thing you will see on a lot of bucket lists for the summer.

7. Go for more snow cones.

Oh, bad T'Town Snow... You have sucked me. The last time I went to the snowcone place by work they gave me a punch card. The more snowcones I buy the more free cones I get. Well play snowcone place, well played.

8. Make a summer playlist.

I've been working on mine for awhile so this one is almost already completed!

9. Lunch at the food trucks

I love food trucks. It's just quick and fun! So different than going somewhere or having something delivered.

10. Try new recipes.

I'm obsessed with HelloFresh and Laura in the Kitchen. So obviously cooking is huge for me right now.

11. Go get a popsicle.

My coworker has never been to Steel City Pops. It's the perfect time to go!

12. Random Act of Kindness.

I love the pay it behind. It's my favorite to receive and my favorite to give.

13. Try a new restaurant.

The same old gets old. Quickly. So it's time to find some new places to eat!

14. Enjoy BBQ - Dreamland BBQ

I know this is totally a fall thing for me. But this is one of those kick off for autumn things for me. It's a break for lunch and I get to go in there and enjoy a piece of autumn.

15. Drink lemonade.

The drink of the summer! I prefer either homemade or Minute Maid.

16. Get better at braiding hair again.

I have gone so long without braiding hair that I honestly don't think I'm that good at it anymore and I have little girls that I have to teach. I've got to get back on that pony.

17. Finish prepping my Erin Condren Life Planner.

There are some things I would like to really get into it and really use it!

18. Watch a documentary.

Something British or fashion related. I am not watching a food documentary.

19. Make smores on Smores Day.

I am a firm believer that smores belong in autumn. Buttttt, I can handle smores in August as a way of saying goodbye summer!

20. Throw an end of summer bash.

Our friend came up with this and I freaking love it for us and the kids! Let the decorate school supplies, bbq and lots of splashes!

What's on your list for summer? Is there a summer bucket list for inside that I have missed?

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