Thankful Thursday; November 26, 2015: Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving

"And you will say in that day: “Give thanks to the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the peoples, proclaim that his name is exalted. “Sing praises to the Lord, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth." Isaiah 12:4-5

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Today is the last day of Thankful Thursday! It's so crazy to me to know that November 2015 is coming to a close already! It has been a month of traveling but don't worry next Thursday you'll find out all about my travels for the month when I do my monthly favorites and more. Today has been a day that has brought light to many blessings of my year!

Like I said I have done a lot of traveling this month and that is something that I am thankful for this year. Not just that I was able to travel to places, but because I had safe travels. That's really important to me. I'm always more nervous traveling during the holidays, because people are rushing so much. But we had many trips and we arrived safely everywhere so that is a huge blessings.

The next thing I am thankful for is rather odd, but when I told my Bible study group that when we did Thankful Thursday for it to be a deeper gratefulness it was things like this. I am grateful for taxes. Yes, I know there is a huge debate on who should have to pay what and why, and who. But those tax dollar go to things that I do care about in my life. And, yes, I do know that they go to things that they probably shouldn't. Regardless I see roads being paved, kids learning, and libraries. So yes I am thankful for taxes.

The weather has been beautiful in Alabama. It hot, rainy, and humid in Florida while we were there. We were glad when we got to Alabama after being in the humidity. But just like one of our favorite rides at Disney World each weather situation helps. Like the rain forest, "Beneath the surface of the land, roots trap water from the flowing mud, extracting nutrients and minerals. These elements, combined with sunlight, create the diverse living systems of Earth. Although the rain forests make up only a small portion of our planet, they contain more than half of its plant and wildlife species." And that helps the world.

There is a lady that I know who has diabetes, and her eyesight is failing. She has hemorrhaging in both eyes and she cannot see. She has had the problem in one eye for a long time, but not it's occurring in both eyes. She has surgery to hopefully fix the problem on December 2nd. Please pray for her. And this is why I am very thankful that I have all of my senses. I was thinking about while on EPCOT's Journey into the Imagination with Figment. He goes through all of the senses and how it affects your imagination. And without senses sometimes the imagination is halted. And I love having an imagination.

Next on my list is something I sometimes grumble about, but that I am thankful for nevertheless, my job. I love my jobs that I have. I am fortunate to have four paying jobs that I can overlap. Partnering with real estate company and a daycare company, owning a wedding company, and being education consultant to a very well known company these are the things that I love doing. And I also have this blog. I am grateful for the opportunities to work the way that I do!

And finally the last thing I am thankful for this week is family traditions. Sweet potato pies, and pumpkin pies this morning cooking smelled wonderful just like they always have on Thanksgiving morning while watching the parade. There is nothing like watching the Rockettes kick up their feet while sipping hot chocolate. Planning out Black Friday plan of attack after eating so much that you end up more stuffed than the turkey. That's what I am thankful for.

And also today Mewmaw may not have been with us physically, but she was with us. She was with us, but not in pain. For that I am really grateful. My little brother is another year cancer free. My family has grown, but that's okay. The more the merrier.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing! Happy Thanksgiving and remember each day is a day to be thankful for in this life!

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