Thankful Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Now, our God, we thank you and praise your glorious name."
- 1 Chronicles 29:13

Welcome back for another week of giving thanks. If you missed the first week, that's alright. I understand and if it's your first time here, welcome! Last week's post was very direct and very much about God. Because that's who I give my thanks to every day. This week, as I wrote down what I was grateful for each day out of all the blessings for that day, I found myself writing down the things that once again I take for granted. It was amazing to see how the impact of my life is changing because I am breaking down the things that I take for granted.

Traveling is something that I have always loved. From the moment I was born I have been traveling. My parents were set on getting me to Disney within the first 3 months of my life, and they succeeded. And here I am 25 years later still traveling to all the Disney Parks. That is something that I really do take for granted. I am constantly hearing people talk about how it would be a once in a lifetime trip to go to Disney World. Realizing that I just popped into the parks in Disney World any ole time because I am an annual passholder sometimes I get lost in that. And right now I am in Disneyland writing this.

Safety is my next grateful subject because this week started off shaky. Our private plane crashed. No one was hurt, but it was scary. I succeeded in brushing it off as nothing, but I was scared to begin with when I first heard the alarm. Then I prayed and this wave of calm just fell on me. I am grateful for the safety of God's hands. I also grateful to be traveling with my running buddy, Chris at the time.

Speaking of running, that's next on my list. I am so grateful for finally getting into fitness. Fitness is something that I love, and I love finding new ways to implement it into my life. Right now I am looking into Pure Barre, and starting to train for a triathlon. Being able to try out these fitness regime is something that I take for granted. But God has given me this body and I intend to take care of it while having fun!

Cloudy, cold, and the wind blowing, doesn't sound like a good day to a lot of people, but for me, those are the best days. I feel more alert. I can breath better, and the sun is blaring in my face so I can enjoy the daylight a little bit more. Though those days have been few for me lately. But I am grateful for the rain God gives us, (I am having a hard time not singing Rain Is a Good Thing by Luke Bryan) because there are so many blessings God gives us through the weather. And its not just the whiskey.

Have you ever watched a child play pretend? It's an amazing feature to watch. Especially as toddlers, they can turn anything into whatever they want it to be. A regular wooden block can be turned in to a phone. Imagination is something that is being forgotten into today tech world. Sure sometimes imagination can be a bad thing where your mind goes wild with worry. But a good daydream is can relieve stress. I am grateful that I do have an imagination and I haven't lost that at all.

Keeping up with children, work, friends, and family can be exhausting. But God gives me so much energy. I see so many moms caving into doing things that they shouldn't because they are tired. I am not mom bashing, but don't do things for your children that they have responsibility to do themselves. Help them, teach them, and grow with them. Find life's energy to be a good mom and help your children. Take care of your body, and have the energy to take care of your family and yourself.

And last but not least, Vincent Mallone, actually made it on my list this week. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for him each and every single day, but this week was different. Vin and I have a different kind of relationship. We can be in the same room, and yet we talk through a screen because it's quieter that way. But he surprised me by coming out to Disneyland to support me in this week's races. He brought new music with him. And we have actually talked. Now if some people heard what we have talked about, they wouldn't say it's romantic, but to us it is. We have been discussing an OTP, one that you should know if you read my blog; Fremione. This makes us both come alive. God really knew what he was doing when he gave me this man as a friend and then as significant other.

That's all for this week folks! Let me know what you are thankful. If you want to read more of thankfulness hop over to my bestie's page and read her Thankful Thursday. Like I said our Bible Study group is doing Thankful Thursdays all November long!

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