October 2015 Favorites & More

Happy November Everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! We had a blast! It was perfect weather for a huge Fall Festival in the mountains! I'm in Disney World right. It's the Food and Wine Half Marathon Weekend! I will fill you in come Sunday how the races are going!

There are a lot of food items on here, but I was able to sit down and enjoy some of the treats from my subscription boxes this month instead of letting the kids and Vinny have everything!

Pho Lawless Jerky - This is so delicious. Granted I love Pho, but this jerky was amazing! I love jerky even more when it becomes cold weather because it just feels nice.

Masala Pop - We tried all the flavors and loved all of them. It was fun to try different flavors of popcorn.

Oozing Eyeballs 2.8oz Bags Assorted Jelly-Filled Marshmallows Eyeballs - These were really fun for me and the kids both. They were good for little lunch pick me ups!

Nikki's Cookies Halloween 2 Cookie Pack - I received these in a subscription box, and I also bought a bunch for the fall festival. These were super delicious!

Erin Baker's Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookie - These are awesome! I am so glad I went ahead and bought these too after getting them in a subscription box. I will be ordering more of these because they are perfect with tea and coffee. I really enjoyed mine with a banana every morning.

WarPaintGoods Bride Tote Bag - The etsy shop this is from was closed through the 31st, but she has reopened. I received this in my Bridal Box. I am now using this tote to carry all wedding essentials.

Spruce and Fresh Golden Girl  - This is the first out the scrubs I fell in love with during this month! It's citrus and just feels and smells so good! 

Honest Company Lavender Vanilla Salt & Sugar Scrub - THIS IS AN AMAZING SCRUB!!! It's amazing. It looks like apple sauce and is so hydrating! This is a year favorite for sure!

Onto books for the month (YES I READ IN OCTOBER!)

The Wizard of Oz - This was never really on my radar to read, but it was a free banned book. I actually caught myself reading this over doing other things. It's actually quite long and different from the movie so it kept my attention!

Winter Song - I received this books as part of a giveaway. The author is super nice and she signed the book. Plus she sent me her ebook which I have yet to read. But I'm sure it will be good. Check out +Jennifer McMurrain's other books here; Goodreads Author Jenniver McMurrain.

Haunted on Bourbon Street - This book just didn't keep my attention like I was hoping it would. I did like it, but I didn't love it. I love more history in my books these days. This might actually be too modern? I know that sounds weird, but it's true.

The Time Machine - This books is pretty old. It was first published in 1895! It really kept my attention. I was holding my breath. This books was wonderful for me. I was glad to read it for my book of the future! 

And of course my lookback for the month of October in my Erin Condren!

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