Handwriting Day!

It's national handwriting day, January 23! It's pretty interesting, because for people who are into the whole planner craze, planners are trying to improve their handwriting.

So the first Instagram picture is from 2015 when I was doing the Handwriting challenge. It was fun to challenge people and my friends. I had no idea it would be a great way to see how much my handwriting had changed for worse or for good!

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And next we have this year! I am surprised by this but also not happy with this. I want my handwriting to be better.

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So I have started venturing out looking for ways to improve my handwriting. I have found a few different ways of improving my handwriting:

Llamas Love Lettering - She's a bit eccentric, and sometimes she uses language I don't care for at points. But I seen a change in my handwriting in a week's time using her exercises.

Bring Back Handwriting - This is a great article that talks about how important handwriting is in the world. The benefits are remarkable for actually writing things down.

Adding Whimsy to Your Handwriting {#LoveYourLettering} - I like this approach to creating a whimsical handwriting style. It's really basic but still really good.

Creative Lettering and Beyond - This was recommended from a Youtuber. While I haven't bought it yet. I plan to do so soon! It looks really good!

Introducing the Rock Your Handwriting Challenge - This is an instagram challenge where you take pictures of your handwriting increasingly getting better. I like it!

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