Disney Vloggers & Vlogs

Disney Queen here with some interesting facts about myself. I not only enjoy my trips to Disney, I enjoy other people's as well. Unless it's a few, but that's more personal thing where they don't deserve to be at Disney. Yep there are a few that don't deserve the magic and pixie dust! But I love encouraging people to go. It's interesting to see how different people view Disney World.

So lets start with the people that I follow on Youtube that post A LOT about Disney. I'm not talking about a podcast crew but rather people who enjoy the Disney life. Yep that's a thing!


Extra Magic Ours

Girl Meets Neverland


Happiest Vlogs On Earth

Disney At Heart


These next few are Disney but they throw in some other things! It's fantastic to me. This is kind of what I would do if I ever started vlogging.

It's The Bugg's Life



And these people will occasionally have a few Disney Vlogs that I enjoy and I'm going to link the search query for each one;


Pretty Neat Living

Am I missing any? Do you vlog about Disney? Do you know someone who does? Let me know in the comments below!