Planner Starter Kit

It either arrives to you in a special box or you pull it off the shelf while it's pages are crisp and clean. It's that little book that you will fill your life in (if you remember it and enjoy your planner.) I love my planner. It holds reminders, quotes, to-do lists, and memories. That's a lot of work for a book.

So you have tried using a planner before and it fell through. You think the digital world has been working for you but it hasn't and some of your friends or coworker mentioned having a paper planner. Or somewhere a planner is on sale and you just have to have it. I want to talk to you about where to start with the "accessories" for your planner. I'm serious. This can be the glue to you actually using it.

These items I recommend in order to slowly test out how you would go about using and decorating your planner. Some people choose not to decorate and that's fine. Do what you feel make you want to use your planner to stay organized.

Pencil - Some people are very hesitate about ruining their planner and some jump right in. I recommend that if you are scared to start writing in your planner to use pencil and write in the note section. Just a few things that you will need with you at all times.

Friend - A friend that can keep you on track is very important. I know it's sounds crazy but it really does help keep you accountable for using your planner. If all of your friends are digital there are plenty of Facebook groups to join. And find the one that fits you best! Plus in these you can get inspiration. There is even a group for those that don't decorate so go on and join in on the fun.

Sticky notes - So you broke in your planner by using the notes section. But you are still hesitant to use pen. Well that's where sticky notes are the best! These are from the dollar section at Target. They have seasonal ones, as well as holiday ones so go by Target or online and invest in some sticky notes.

Pen - Pens are big deal to the planner world. Some people will tell you that Pilot G2 are the best, some claim Paper Mate Flair are the best. I actually love Staedtler like I have said before but that doesn't mean that sometimes I don't branch off and use other things. I even love Erin Condren's pens as well.

Washi tape - Washi tape is one of the things usually a person new to planners have never heard of when they first get their planner. "Washi tape is typically made from natural fibers, such as bamboo or hemp, but most commonly from the bark of trees that are native to Japan — the mulberry, the mitsumata shrub or the gampi tree." -- According to Google. Now not all washi tape is created equal. Some have really great quality while others leave something to wish for when using it to decorate. But the best thing is you can move this tape as much as you want without messing up your planner.

Scissors - Why scissors? You won't be cutting up your planner, no. But you might want to cut washi tape into a certain shape. You might be like me and want a straight cut on the washi instead of ripping it. You'll be amazed at the uses for for a small pair of scissors in your planner kit.

Decorative Stickers - There is a difference between decorative stickers and planner stickers. I suggest starting with decorative and then moving into planning stickers. These can be the dollar stickers you find at Walmart or Target. These below came from Target.

Stamps & Inks - There are some people who don't use stickers or washi instead they take to their planners with ink and stamps. I have used stamps as well. I use mostly during holidays and one some Disney trips instead of using stickers. It just a mood I get into sometimes. I have some Disney stamps which my best friend got for me and I love them! They are from LimeLife Planners and they are called Magic Mouse Stamp Set.  I used these while on my cruise.

Colored Pens - I briefly touched on pens, but color coding is also effective for lite decorating people as well. I like the idea of not having color coding, but not with pens but a person might. There are plenty options for colored pens.

Planner Stickers - I was hesitate about planner stickers. Spending that much money on stickers can be daunting. That's why I say start with decorative ones first. I did decorative ones for a long time. I went almost a year before even considering buy planner stickers. These are stickers specifically designed to use in a paper planner. These sets are from Planner Penny, LillieHenry, and Salty Planning.

Also you can get printable planner stickers and then cut them out yourself (great use of those scissors!) And then add adhesive or print them out on sticker paper.

Adhesive - Adhesive may make you think of glue, and you are right but glue has come a long way. Thanks to scrapbooking you can even have re-positional adhesive now! I have Xyron machine and an adhesive roller to use with my planner. Now I only have the Xyron machine at home on my desk but the roller goes with me everywhere!

Punches - Punches are another thing that is used in scrapbooking that has made it's way to the planner world. I use mine to cut out circle stickers. I have many different sizes of circle punches.

A bag - I use an Ipsy bag to store my tiny punch, scissors, adhesive roller, pens, pencil, and one roll of washi to carry around with me. My stickers are in a different pouch that I only take with me somtimes.

That's all that I think a first time decorative planner should start with when receiving their planner. Just find what works for you and enjoy the world of planners. I know I do! Also get $10 off your first order of Erin Condren when you use my link to the world of planners!

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