2016 Disney Tag

So a goal for me this year was to watch MORE Youtube. Yes, but I want to watch more uncommon people on YouTube. I am mainly going after more Disney people because that's what I am always going to be about because makeup kind of comes and goes with me. Granted things do change that's why it's not going away completely. But yes more YouTube!

So today I wanted to do another Disney Tag. Answering questions about Disney, and the movies are just something that I highly enjoy. It's really because sometimes I feel like if their wasn't Disney, I'm not sure where I would be. I mean can you imagine a world without the Disney company?! It's really hard to picture life without Disney somewhere.

Anyhow I found this video on YouTube...

 And I decided this was the perfect Disney Tag to do since I haven't answered some of these questions before which is odd! Because sometimes I feel like I'm answering the same questions time and time again.

1. A character, which first you did not like, but you took a liking to it at the end of the movie.

Julia Carey from Summer Magic -- Yes it's a Disney movie!

2. What do you prefer: CGI or hand drawn animation?

I'm torn but I believe I would choose hand drawn. I know there is more to be done with CGI like reflections and better shadows. But hand drawn just means more Disney to me.

3. Which story/tale would you like to see as the next Disney movie?

I agree with the video Stardust! Or something like Downton Abbey!

4. Would you like to have a Disney themed wedding? If there is a concrete movie for it, tell me which one it is!

I AM having a Disney wedding. We are doing part Haunted Mansion part Harry Potter

5. Which character did/do you have a serious crush on?

Treasure Planet's Jim Hawkins.... Oh my. Eugene was a close behind though.

6. What is your favorite Disney Villain song?

I had trouble picking just one... Not sure what that says about me...



7. What Disney girl is the prettiest?

Tinker Belle or Elsa or Belle

8. All time favorite Disney soundtrack?

Beauty & the Beast or Wishes

9. Scene in Disney film that makes you cry?

Up... Oh yeah. Better love story than Twilight in 18 minutes. Just saying.

10. First Disney film you saw?

I want to say either Peter Pan or Sleeping Beauty. One of those.

11. What is a animated non-Disney movie that you like?

Escape to Witch Mountain or Pollyanna

12. If you could be any Disney Princess who would you be?

Elsa because she isn't a princess she is a queen! Or Rapunzel

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