Our Prenatal Journey is Beginning

In my post; Surprise: TTC Journey Begins! (Mini Current 08.24.15) I discuss out even though it's going to be over a year before we start trying to conceive I am getting my body into shape for baby making. Which sounds so wrong! But it's true, I want to be as healthy as I can be when it comes time to start trying for a child of our own. Vin and I are already parents to ten children, yes ten. Which you can read about here; Tea Time with Hunter: Fourth Volume.

Doctors appointments - Vin and I both had our first doctor appointments. We both got a red light from our doctors. I am underweight and my blood sugar is low. He is taking thyroid medicine that could lower his chances of his sperm being so fantastic at swimming. So he is changing medicines and seeing what else he can do to improve his chances, and I'm trying to gain healthy weight and regular my blood sugar. That is not as easy as it sounds for either one of us.

Prenatal Vitamins - I have seizure medicine so having extra folic acid is crucial to me. So I take a gummy prenatal vitamin plus the extra. Vin is keeping up with his own vitamins regime that he has been told is best for him by his doctor.

Dentist Appointments - We both have dentist appointments this month to check out anything that might need to be cleared up now before we start trying to conceive. This isn't a really big deal just something we want to have a clear mind about.

Healthy Foods - This is no brainer. But I love food though. It's something that I need to look more closer at in my eating. However, I am a big believer that as long as you ask God to bless whatever food you are going to eat that it turns into good food. I get upset when people talk about how you shouldn't eat anything that is not organic. Um excuse me instead of wasting the money to make yourself even better get the un-organic (is that even a word?) and put it toward sending money to a child who isn't even guaranteed their next meal!

Caffeine Intake and Fish Intake - My caffeine is already down considerably to what I use to consume on a daily basis. The only thing that I am really worried about is my caffeine intake at night.

Weight/Exercise Program - This one won't change at all. I have really buckled myself down to only one program because it fits in so well with my training already. That is the Tone It Up series. The system just works great and it should be gentle enough to continue doing even once I am pregnant!

Avoid of Infections - This one isn't that big of a deal to me. I get sinus infection from time to time. But that has dropped off some since I started using hand sanitizer even more religiously. My doctor said to be aware of any scrapes or cuts getting infected as well.

Money Matters - Vin was the one that came to me about this one. We are both financially stable and so I was rather surprised when he mentioned this one to me. He wants to make sure we have a slush fund for anything that we don't receive from a baby registry. But I understand just having that emergency money for baby only. It warms my heart just thinking about it.

Thinking Special Matters - We already have children with special needs, and I'm open for more. I love all of my children equally already. They have my heart with them all the time. So Vin and I have both agreed that we are keeping special needs open minded because it can happen to anyone.

Charting - I have been wanting to do this for awhile since my body is so crazy with my cycle. When Pretty Neat Living announced she was pregnant, I knew then that I would have some good information going into my own pregnancy and she didn't fail me. When she wrote her blog posts; Charting Basics | Understanding Your Cycle and was brave enough to post the video; Charting Basics | Understanding Your Cycle I was very excited. This was what I had always wanted. Information on this very thing!

The beginning of this journey is a little nerve wrecking because I don't know what the future holds. However, I do know the Lord is watching over our family. He has plans that are unbelievable for me and I cannot wait! I'll keep everyone updated!

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