Surprise: TTC Journey Begins! (Mini Current 08.24.15)

Yes I have gotten away from posting on Mondays. Because its the beginning of the week and there is so much going on. And this week is actually worse than normal. So then why in the world am I posting? Well because I have some exciting news!

I am not pregnant, but I am starting our journey to get there. I always knew that I would have a sign to show me when I needed to start preparing my body for pregnancy. And when Pretty Neat Living, aka Jen talked about how long she prepared I knew then. Vin and I have discussed and discussed. We want our own blood children as soon as we are married. It's seems crazy to us to wait to have couple time when, well we won't have couple time. So set down to business of figuring out exactly where to start and what to factor in.

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After creating a list for my planner and I placed it in there to remind me of the result that I will be given. And today started that journey. I went to the doctor (alone!) and I discussed my plans. I pushed to know what I could do for a healthy pregnancy, what Vin could do, and what all should be in place before we start trying next October once we are married.

After many tests, blood taken (I watched Youtube videos and sipped water) and an exam, I was told that I was underweight which was the reason for some of my female trouble I had been having. Since I take a seizure medicine I had to have a prescription for extra folic acid. Plus, I am starting prenatal vitamins.

Vin's doctor's appointment is this Thursday's afternoon. He is worried about his thyroid problems being an issue. We both have dentist appointments in September. And we talk to the midwife in October. So our baby is going to be all set!

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