2017 Blog Goals

While this is not my most productive year in blogging, it is the year that has taught me the most. While sometimes there are moments I get frustrated and don't want to blog anymore, but that's usually me discouraging myself. So this year I am making goals for the new year for this blog and a few others.

Perhaps you can incorporate some of these goals into your blog plans for the year.

Goals for me in general do not come so easy, but I learned during this project, that blogs for project I'm working are even harder. These are going to something to work on accomplishing. I will be working towards them.

  • Email List - This will probably once a month emails from directly to the people who sign up for those emails. It will for me to let you know what is coming up on the blog and just keep you in the know.
  • Blogging Schedule - I mentioned this in my 17 Before 2017 post. I tend to post more during Fall/Early Winter. So I am going to keep doing that. You'll see there will be four days of posting September - December. January goes back to three days of posting each week.
  • Absence - Sometimes it is difficult for me to sit down and blog. So I am going to always have two post (at least) in draft form so that I can post even if something comes out for a bit.
  • More Active Social Media - You see me on Facebook the most, and some on Instagram. However, I need to start pushing my Twitter and Pinterest more and more. I want to push my boundaries. And follow more people that I can get inspiration from on their social media.
  • Influensters - I'm not talking about the program I am in where I review items for you. I want to branch out and have people on my blog talk to you more! Or even just feature them so that you can be inspired by them as well!
  • Stats - Learn more about my stats and how to use them to create more content for you to read! I used to do this but I was getting discouraged. Therefor, I stopped looking at stats. Maybe it is time I picked this back up!
  • Conference - This is has been at the back of my mind for some time. I'm not sure if it will be planning or blogging conference first. I am going to diabetes Type 1 conference in January so I can fully get a feel of conference before plunging.
  • Ultimate Guide To... - This goal is something I am still thinking hard on, but it is a project that I want to really work on this year. An ultimate guide will have over 3,000 words and plenty of pictures.
  • Life List - Things I have accomplished in my life and things that I want to accomplish in my life will have a tab at the top of my blog. I will describe it and then when it is accomplished I will date it!
  • Giveaway - This is last on the list for a reason because I am not sure that a giveaway is something I want to be a center of my blog. Maybe I can do a small giveaway. We shall see.
Everything I have read says that blogging goals are important, but even more important are goals that can be achieved. While I have given you the basis for my blog goals, there are more to them. I have certain time periods to have certain ones done. So what goals do you have for your blog or yourself? 

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