Disney Wedding Q & A

There is some changing in my life right now, and you'll find out about them soon. However, right now you'll be seeing a very non- surprising idea that I am actually venturing into with my best friend over at A Pop of Jess. She and I are answering the same questions about Disney Weddings! And I'll post her direct link right HERE.

Why are you considering a Disney wedding?

Considering a Disney wedding is not as easy as you would think it would be for me. There is a lot of limitations to Disney Weddings that people do not realize. Disney goes above and beyond for a lot of venues on a lot of things, but they also limit certain things that other venues do not. Which is why I had shrugged the idea in the past, but now with things changing I can be within the limitations of guests and such.

My reasons are:
  • My special someone loves Disney and has worked for them as well.
  • We met at Disney.
  • We have spent a lot of time getting to know each other at Disney.
  • He proposed at Disney.
... and these are just a few reasons.

Is it just you or does your partner want one as well?

Yes, my partner wants a Disney wedding as well.

What would be your dream Disney wedding?

If you cannot tell from the picture above a Haunted Mansion themed wedding is what I want so bad I can taste it! It's where he proposed, and it's the first ride we ever rode together at Disney World. So naturally it's a good theme for us. Plus, he wants to incorporate Harry Potter into it as well.

Are you considering a Disney inspired gown?

I have in the past. But nothing really sticks out to me. I am a little partial to beading and pearls and then a corset lace up back. And there are none of those in the line. So I have to go off of the Disney line for my dress.

Disney princess theme or some other Disney theme?

Other themed, Haunted Mansion with some original and classic Disney mixed in and along with The Phantom of the Opera.

How elaborate are you wanting to get?

Personally, I want a medium elaborate wedding. Now, him? He wants to go out all stops. Which, I am up for. Just as long as he is the one I am marrying, these days.

Do you feel like Disney weddings are priced fairly?

Yes, I do. Disney Weddings can really be for any princess. They have it set where you can pick and choose. People give Disney a bad name, but like with all Disney related things, budgeting is the key!

What is your favorite Disney wedding venue?

There are four special ones that my s/o and myself picked out:
Any of these would be great! We really would prefer a night wedding, or late in the day wedding.

What would you like your menu to include?

We both really want "BBQ" themed food. We want an winter wedding (of course) and so winter type food. Buffet style would be nice but a served style would be as fine as well.

Do you want characters at your wedding?

Of course! I know I want "ghostly" characters. I also want Mickey and Minnie because they are the ones that started it all!

An picture option I love so freaking much!
There will be updates about this wedding as it forms in the coming months. Because things have really changed behind the scenes here at The Girl from Alabama. And the journey has not been easy to this decision, but life goes on and we have to make decisions.

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