Disney Birthday: Celebrating at Disney & Disney Gifts

So yesterday was my birthday... It was also Disney World's birthday. It is 19 years older than me, but we share the same birthday. And also EPCOT as well! And you know what I spent my birthday at Disney World. So why spend your birthday at Disney World? And what do you get for the person that loves Disney?

Spending your birthday at Disney World includes:

  • Birthday Pin: Everyone and their dog will wish you a happy birthday!
  • Fun interaction with characters: They notice the pin and fun things happen.
  • Fun interaction with the castmembers: The conductor yesterday announced it was my birthday to the entire train! Also the guy working Dumbo lead us straight to the front!
  • If you tell on the reservation you'll get a fun birthday cupcake! And sometimes the entire restaurant will sing happy birthday to you! Over a hundred people who don't know your name so they murmur during that part can't be beat!
  • Birthday pictures are amazing Disney!
  • They will announce your birthday on the bus! 

I really recommend Disney World for your birthday! It's amazing! And Disney allows you to "celebrate" your birthday six months before or six month after! So go ahead and have a blast and celebrate you!

So what do you get for a person that loves Disney?

  • Tickets to Disney World
  • A Disney Cruise
  • A Disney painting
  • Tickets to Disney World
  • A puppy with tickets to Disney attached to the collar with an engagement ring... 
I'm kidding on the last one... Slightly. If these suggestions are too pricey opt for something else.

  • Go to Disney Store online: Find that person's favorite character or get anything off the website. Or a Disney gift card
  • Download the Shop the Parks App: Again search the things you know they love.
  • Etsy: Click right here. No over there <--- I have made this easy, a direct link to searching Disney things on Etsy! Want to narrow it down further? Yeti cup, Mickey ears, and/or scarf.
  • Disney tshirts
  • Disney coffee mugs
  • Hot Topic usually has a lot of Disney things go there: Here I'll make it easy on you, CLICK HERE.
  • Latest Disney DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Tickets to the last Disney movie in theater!

I really hoped this helped you. Disney birthdays are the best! And even an unbirthday is pretty darn special!

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