Disney World Meets Hurricane Matthew

"Are you Florida still? Will this affect your upcoming trip? Will the animals at Animal Kingdom be alright?" I was bombarded with questions about Disney World and Hurricane Matthew all last week. While I don't mind answering Disney questions, these seemed to get on my nerve. Let me explain.

Friends and family sometimes get behind on information, that I get, but not knowing where I am at kind of hurts. It's been on my past blog posts that state where I am usually. Facebook and Instagram, as well, stated that I was back home in Alabama. Yes I realize you are trying to make sure I'm safe, but do research before just asking. I'm sure I am not alone in this. Having social media helps not have to tell people where I am, and I'm annoyed when people don't use it to it's full potential. Yes, I sound like a whiny person but that's how I feel on this point.

My family does two "Collins Crash Disney" trips a year. Our trip starts October 26. I can sort of see how someone would ask if this would affect our trip, but at the same time a nerve is twinging. My trip at the time of Hurricane Matthew is a month away. I know how Disney operates. They bounce back quickly as possible. They can't build things that are new fast, but if something is damaged they go out of their way to make it bright and as new as possible. So no, even if damage had been done we would still be trucking it to Disney World.

The next question I know will seem like I'm a great big grumpy person, but this is why I usually only hang out with Disney fanatics. They are aware of things like I am. Animals, at Animal Kingdom, sleep in barns at night, especially the larger animals. They have barns and structures that can withstand winds up to 400 mph. Just like the Tree of Life that stands in the center of Animal Kingdom. Many do not realize it is an oil rig (yep not a real tree), so it can really stand up to hurricane winds.

So what if I had of been at Disney World, in the middle of a trip? Would I have come home? Short answer, no. Disney has so many things put into place for any kind of emergency. It's amazing what they are prepared for, and they have to keep things like hurricanes in mind. Disney made the people happy during the hurricane, except for the ones complaining about the food.

The day after Hurricane Matthew. 10/08/16
Disney had characters come to the hotels, that are usually not there. They had games and activities in the lobbies of the resorts. Plus, the first ones back at Disney Springs after Hurricane Matthew had past? ONLY Disney resorts' guests. Which makes me want to tell people that there is another bonus to staying on property. None of the other hotels made accommodations in the lobbies, but Disney. That's why I stand with Disney on so many things!

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