Period: Things That I Have Found Helpful

Since my last Period Post was so long this one will be very quick and to the point. Because here in the past few month my period has drastically changed. My life was slightly flipped and I had to adjust. These were the products that seriously helped me through a very scary part of my life.

Kotex U has really changed how I deal with my period. Their products are really nice. They don't hurt, and they are really made for a woman's body. I have tried the "good for you" tampons and they all hurt! They may not have the chemicals the other tampons have but the brands like LOLA and Cora all hurt tremendously and do not fit very well.

Pinterest - How in the world can Pinterest help with your period, is probably what you are thinking. I like home remedies. They don't all work, and some just work for certain people. But I have also discovered fascinating things and different ways to help with the health of my vagina and overall private parts health. After this summer learning about the health has become a thing for me.

Clue App is the biggest game changer for me. I have used this app pretty much for the last three years. This is an app that has really grown over the years as well. It's always upgrading and becoming better for everyone using it. My best friend and I can share our cycles so we know when to avoid each other... I am just kidding. We both agree that Clue is the best for "functionality, how it helps you keep track of things for yourself and for the doctor, how easy it is to use, customization, the new features of sharing with a friend." Thanks to this app my doctor and I were able to pin point the exact things that I need for the symptoms I was having! She was impressed with the app herself.

The other post linked at the top as more information on ALL the products that I use during my time of the month. This is just what helped me during the months where my period was never ending, literally. So, I hope this helps you! What menstrual products do you like?

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