Thankful Thursdays Will Be Back in November!

Only one more week left of October! That's so crazy to me! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I've decided to bring Thankful Thursday back to my blog this year. Last year it was really amazing to see that I could come up with an entire blog post about what I was thankful for in a week. It made me happy and helped me see so many wonderful things.

Thankful Thursdays include one Bible verse, and six to seven thankful thoughts. I usually try to do one paragraph per thankful thought. Sometimes, the thoughts are small, sometimes they are big. It just depends for me. But this is a big deal for me. Because after this year I am going to and do a daily gratitude list.

Speaking of keeping a daily gratitude list next year, I am going to be keeping my gratitude list in my planner again this year. The one I have been using and will be using again is from DigiScrapsDelight. She has great freebies, however, she no longer has the one I use! She does have one for purchase where you can get the planner stickers.

If you do want to join me on making yourself more grateful and seeing how many blessings you have here are a couple of more resources:

Gratitude List

30 Days of Gratitude

Gratitude Jar

These are some of the ideas that I have wanted to implement in my family very soon!

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