Disney Halloween 2016 Survey

We are home from Disney World and we had a blast! We enjoyed a few days as a huge big family. This was one of our shortest trips ever. But we still packed in a lot of things. I thought to get us ready for tomorrow why not answer some Disney Halloween Questions.

1) Favorite Disney Villain?

Prince John, from Robin Hood!

2) Favorite Disney Villain Song?

3) Favorite Disney Halloween Song?

4) Favorite Villain Sidekick?

Iago from Aladdin!

5) Favorite Disney Monster?

Yeti monster--- I know there are a ton of other monster's I could pick, with all of the Monster Inc movies. But I love the Yeti. I love the one in Disneyland (Matterhorn Bobsleds) and I love the one in Disney World (Expedition Everest).

6) Favorite Dark Ride at Disney?

Tower of Terror, the ride is absolutely fantastic! The movie isn't bad either!

7) Haunted Mansion or Nightmare Before Christmas Mansion?

Haunted Mansion, please don't get me wrong it is amazing what Disneyland does to their Haunted Mansion to make it the Nightmare Before Christmas Mansion.

8) Pumpkin or Regular Beignets

Regular! Yummy!

9) Ghost Galaxy or Classic Space Mountain

Ghost Galaxy, I don't care for classic Space Mountain.

10) Favorite Halloween Treat at the Parks?

Cupcakes! Anytime of the year it's cupcakes!

11) Who Is A Halloween Character/Villain You Wish You Could Meet At The Parks?

Captain Hook, Sheriff of Nottingham, Brer Fox and Brer Bear

12) If You Could Go To The Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Who Would You Dress Up As?

I'm actually going as Elizabeth Swann

13) Favorite Part About Going To Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party?

The candy and the decorations!

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