Halloween 2016 Costume Options

Halloween is vastly approaching. We are already so a week into October! This year I know of four Halloween parties I will be attending, and so instead of waiting around to decide I compiled a list. I went looking and searching. These were the result below. Please let me know what you think!

Judy Hopps - First on my list is a movie I love!! The theme song from it was a song I drove into the ground. There was not another song for me. It gave me a lot of drive and energy through some crucial points. So this costume is great for me.
Frankie has already agreed to go as Nick Wilde on this one.

Witch - Every year since I was about 3 I have loved being a witch for Halloween. I grew up watching the cute Halloween shows and cartoons and there was always a witch. My favorites being The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, and The Worst Witch. I was a witch a lot as a child, and lately I have just want to give into my inner in my child. 

Elizabeth Swann White Gown - I have always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean, especially Keira Knightley's costumes. The first movie in that series will always be my favorite. And the costumes of hers while she is stuck on the island with Jack Sparrow is my favorite!

Greek Goddess - This is just came up randomly and I wanted to do something like it. Bangles, different hair combs in my hair and gladiator sandals or heels. It just sounds really elegant to me. Something different for a change.

Taylor Swift (or 1, 2) - This has actually been settled that I'm wearing this to the workplace Halloween party. Which works out well since it's every day clothes so this should be fun. I love being Taylor Swift. I have actually ran as Taylor Swift for a marathon costume. 

Haunted Mansion Maid or Bride Constance - My absolute favorite ride at Disney! Why not be something from it? Plus I have some excellent memories from the Haunted Mansion this year! And I know the maid costume is a running costume, but I have little children that I'll be chasing.

Halloween costumes are important to me, because you get one Halloween per year and that marks the memories of that Halloween. Those memories are the best! What kind of costumes do you like the best? What are some of the things you want to be?

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