Disney Trip Day 1: From Alabama to Florida

There is nothing more this girl loves than a Disney trip! Trust me a pick between London trip and Disney World trip, I'm picking Disney! So that's where I am!

We left on December, 6 at 3:30 a.m. from Tuscaloosa County. My new boyfriend and his adopted daughter was who we picked up there and we left from there. At the end of these series of blogs I will post all packing lists and travel documents (that are blank) so that you can see how much organizing and planning goes into a trip.

So we left Friday morning stopping at Lake View to put luggage into my grandparents' RV. They are RVing at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort so they had plenty of room for us to add extra luggage. We had a great time. Vincent, aka, Vinny or Vin, drove which I had planned on driving but he told me it would be okay and for me to rest. He knew I hadn't been asleep for almost two days in a row because of the anticipation for the trip.

Our traveling arrangement worked out great. I have a 2013 Lexus LX so it was super roomy for all 6 of us that had to be bunched up together for almost 11 hours. It was me in the front passenger seat, Vin in the drivers seat, his daughter, Rain, who is just 3 (fixing to be 4) behind him, my boss, Madame, behind me, my cousin, Carolina, in the way back behind me and her boyfriend and my childhood best friend, Edwin, opposite of her. We had a cooler which held cokes (sodas), juices, and water for the trip between (sometimes to the side) of Carolina and Edwin. We had a small snack box between Madame and Rain.

I had also fixed up a bucket for Rain to have while we were on the trip. I had a small cheap cookie sheet with a puzzle in a baggie. The pieces had magnetic squares on the back. I also had some Disney coloring pages. I added two movies. I also made a look book of Disney World for her so she wouldn't quite so overwhelmed at Disney World her first time.

I slept a good bit of the trip. Vincent enjoys driving and insisted he didn't mind listening to the Mapquest voice. I have to admit it was nice getting to enjoy the scenery when we finally got to Florida. You can always tell when you hit Florida, Spanish Moss and billboards are everywhere. Trust me the billboards are about Surf Shops, Anti-Abortion, Disney World, Sea World, Universal and adult shops and shows.

We enjoyed the Duck the Halls Christmas album along with several personal holiday playlists we all had made including Rain! It was a great time and nobody was cross or grouchy. We laughed a lot because we had so much fun looking at different things and coming up with different stories about why some person was doing what they were on the side of the road.

We arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel and I was thrilled to find we had been upgraded (CA-CHOW!) and the room was bigger at the same rate! We took in the one bag everyone had put what they would need for the one night at Universal before leaving in the morning for Disney.

Now there is not a Lush store in Alabama {Insert big frowny face}. I love Lush! I love it in London, Paris, US and online. Now you cannot buy their face-masks online because they contain ingredients that have to be refrigerated. Soooo we went to the Florida Mall and almost got lost thanks to MapQuest. We found it. I bought a ton at Lush! I may add, that if you are ever at the Florida Mall's Lush, Steven and Kat are amazing with demos and helping you find certain things and giving you samples! Vin bought stuff for him and Rain. I went into P.S. Aeropostale's store for kids for Rain. And then I shopped at Forever 21 and bought a ton of stuff because it was a two story Forever 21 and I am not turning that down!

We had a fabulous time that night at TGIF. I love the Tennessee Pork Sandwich! It's soooo yummy and that side salad was to die for! We went back to the hotel to get a smelling good bath and snuggle into to warm bed because we knew the next day we were taking on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Holyland Experience.

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