December ❄ Favorites!


Kelly Clarkson's  Wrapped in Red - Underneath the Tree was probably the most played Christmas song around me this year. I also like the album song, Wrapped in Red. Winter Dreams was wonderful as well. I really loved this album. It will be a favorite during the holidays for years to come.

Duck Commander's Duck the Halls - Of course my favorite song was the one with Luke Bryan, Hairy Christmas! We listened to this song on the way to Disney World, during Disney World, and on the way back. Totally love the Robertson's hands down. I also love their version of Away in a Manger, it just brought a simple calming peace and really reminded you of what Christmas was all about.


Disney's Frozen The Original Soundtrack - My future stepdaughter and I have run this album into the ground! She and I get tickled when Vin is cooking and he is singing Let It Go.  That is our favorite song. We sing it all the time. We love the movie but we seriously just love this song. We also really love For the First Time In Forever (Reprise)  Fixer Upper, and Do You Want to Build a Snowman. So it's safe to say the day that the movie hits Blu-Ray and DVD we have pre-ordered ours.


Listerine Whitening Rinse in Vibrant - I can seriously tell a difference in my teeth with using this product. 


So I have had this weird like "cold" ever since we got back from Disney World. I am highly obsessed with looking on Etsy these days.

BrigantiaHerbals Etsy Shop Sore Throat Soother - Herb Infused Honey - This has been amazing at night when the coughing starts in.

BrigantiaHerbals Etsy Shop Chesty Decongestant Salve - Great alternative to Vicks. This is feels so much smoother than Vicks.

EmeraldHollow Etsy Shop Sinus Relief Bath Bombs - Smells great! Really helps before going to bed at night when it seems like colds get worse. Plus they added a special surprise when I ordered these!

I cannot LIVE without this being in my purse, in my house, and in my office....
CVS is the ONLY place I can find this product and it is Nostrilla
I am not kidding. You can have the worst stopped up nose and this stuff will relieve it in 5 minutes at the longest! I love it and seriously cannot live without it. 

Bandaid Blister Stick - I love this stuff. I do not go to Disney World without it! I literally can wear new shoes and not get blisters while walking 10 miles straight! 


Lush's Santa's Lip Scrub - Gasp! Yes for December I have put my Popcorn scrub on the shelf! This gives me smooth lips for a perfect pout when putting on lipstick. It tastes like cola.

Soft Coeur  The Honeymooner - This is an amazing massage bar. It smells like chocolate, and yes it has cocoa in it too. It feels so divine but be careful because from what we hear if you leave it in the bed it can leave brown streaks.

Michael Todd's Blue Green Algae Toner - This smells good. I love knowing that it's Anti-bacteria. Especially in the morning when I first get up and I wipe this over my face. 

Fortune Cookie Soap's Hand Santizer in Oogie Boogie OCD - This smells so good. At first I thought FCS had put alcohol in their hand santizer but it was just the smell AT FIRST! It doesn't have alcohol in it and the smell goes away and leaves and gorgeous berry scent.

Bath & Shower

Lush's Fizzbanger - I have gone through more of these this month than I care to admit... This is my all time favorite Bath Bomb (Ballistic). I seriously could just sniff this all day and I actually can since I have the perfume from Lush (That's Love Gorilla Perfume). It has the perfect combination of apple, cinnamon, and toffee. Warning many Lush products have surprises at the center of their products so use a recycled nylon stocking if you don't want bits floating around in the water.

Lush's Magic Wand Snow Fairy - Almost makes you want to eat it because it smells like confectionery heaven! The bubbles that arise from the water smell incredible.

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noelle Body Wash - For years and years, literally think 2003 I have been using the lotion of this scent and when I seen it was in body wash form I had to get it!


Lush's Big Shampoo - Real salt, real good smell, real freaking good clean! Not even joking this stuff is Amazing. My boyfriend and I have actually been fighting over this shampoo. It takes away the oil like magic! 

Redken Body Full Light Conditioner - It smells really good, and it is light! It really doesn't weigh down my hair at all! I put a layer of this on before Lush's Big so the ends don't dry out. And I finish up with another coat of it and rinse before getting out of the shower.


Yup, it's mine and Vin's favorite! Sea Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate! This tastes just like the one we got at the IHOP!

Popchips in Chili Lime flavored! These are soooo good.


Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine-Vanishing PRO Powder - This magically shrinks pores! It isn't a cream, it's a powder that shrinks pores and you use it on top and/or under foundation. It is amazing. This will go down as a favorite for me!

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum - I have been putting this on before I put on any make up and let it dry while I am doing my make up and my mascara has been much bolder and longer lasting. I also have started putting it on at night before I go to bed.

Wet N Wild Nutty Eyeshadow - I have just been loving this as a throw it on all over cover. 


L'Oréal Colour Riche Gold Dust Textured Nail Polish in Sexy and Sequins - Purple with silver and gold specks.

Julep's Molly - Minne Mouse Red



Only one item of clothing that I have been obsessed with throughout the month....
Danskin Now Women's Colored Ankle Leggings
I do not know why I prefer these. I just love lounging in them with a gigantic sweatshirt.  They are steal from Walmart! Mine are black with a bold hot pink at the top!


A Family Advent: Keeping the Savior in the Season - Vince and I really enjoyed sharing this book with Rain. Each day there was something to read for the Advent season and it had new traditions and fun trivia.

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