Beauty Vlogs and Blogs That I Follow

These are my favorite YouTubers. I am subscribed to all of these and I believe that you should be too!

Just click their names and if they have a second channel I have provided that as well! Enjoy!

Lisa Eldridge (She is my favorite! Hint she has done Emma Watson's make up!)

Casey Holmes - She has amazing reviews! Her second channel can be located HERE!

Eleventh Gorgeous - From Tuscaloosa (Whoop whoop!) and love drugstore make- up. Their other channel is located HERE.

Elle Fowler - She has amazing tutorials and amazing decor. Her other channel is Here.

Kandee Johnson - Lots of information and tutorials. Her second channel is found Here.

Leighann Says - She is hilarious and does a fantastic job doing reviews and such!

Life with Evelina - She has beauty and life ideas!

LisaFreemontStreet - Pin up mood? She is my go to person for old school ideas or pin up sexy ways of doing something!

Ingrid Nilsen - Ok she is like my all time favorite YouTuber, EVER! If she did a daily vlog I would watch. I have been mid sentence and get the email saying she has uploaded a video and I shut up. She has everything from hauls, tutorials, vlogmas, DIY, etc. Her second channel (which is equally as awesome as the first) is found HERE!!!

Polished - Youtubers come together to create fashion videos.

Louise Pentland - One of my favorite UK YouTubers! Baby Darcy is sooooo cute! Beauty and Baby things! Her second channel is found HERE!

Talk Becky Talk - Awesome tutorials, hauls, vlogging, tags. She is also from the UK (Yes my London obsession even affect my YouTube Make up Gurus!)

The Busy Bee Buzz - Probably my third favorite YouTuber! She does organization on her other channel. Her dog has her own blog. This channel is all about the make up! Her other channels are here and here.

Zoe Sugg - My SECOND favorite YouTuber! She is from the UK and just freaking awesome! She loves her friends and her family and it really shows! Her second channel is HERE!!

Carli Bybel - Amazing tutorials, great fashion advice as well. Her second channel is here.

AndreasChoice - Vlogging and beauty!

Anna Saccone - She has pregnancy videos and wonderful beauty vlogs!

Bethany Mota - Awesome lookbooks and hauls!

Nikki Phillippi - She has soooo many tag videos and reviews that it isn't funny. Plus check out her Pinterest which is just awesome! She also does some amazing health and fitness videos!
Tanya Burr -  Another YouTuber from UK! She has all kinds of video from food, health, hauls, and favorites.

Tati  - Another one of my favorites! She does many walk through videos as well as tag videos and colab videos!

Lauren Elizabeth - Amazing style ideas and fabulous make up tutorials!

Allie Marie Evans - She amazing tutorials and lookbooks styles!

Beauty and the Boutique - She is wonderful to watch. My aunt loves watching her videos!

Chloe Morello - She has amazing tutorials and reviews!

Tailia - A cover girl for CoverGirl. She was inspiration for kids with cancer and girls of all ages. (Though no longer will be updating since she passed away)

Emily Noel - She does A LOT of drugstore make up reviews! Her vlog channel is HERE!

Kayleigh Noelle - She has a ton of hairstyles and make up tutorials!
There are more, I am sure, but these I love to watch!


The Beauty Department

This That Beauty

NYC Pretty

Miss Whoever You Are

Beauty Sweet Spot

Fashion Pulse Daily

Martinis and Mascara

Cult of Pretty

I Covet Thee

The Formula Blog

The Rae Viewer

Beauty by Arielle



15 Minute Beauty

The Small Things Blog

Nouveau Cheap

The Beauty of It Is

Dreaming In Blush

Liana Beauty

The Beauty by Bel

Heyyy June

Couture Girl


A Mom in Red High Heels

Mystical Make-Up and Beauty

Crystal Candy Make-Up

Spa Travel Gal

Make Up Minutes

Vivianna Does Make-Up

Into the Gloss

No More Dirty Looks

These are the ones on my feedly. I am pretty sure my Google Reader had more and I am in the process of getting them back but enjoy!

Also it has been suggest to turn this list into a page so that I can continue to update it. Please let me know!

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