100 Random Facts About Me

I am YouTube obsessed and I promise I am coming out with a YouTube channel. I will have everything that you know I love on there. But for now I am doing the 100 Random Facts tag via blog style to make up for the fact that I'm not doing a vlog.

1) I tried out for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and I made it to boot camp. I was cut because my chest wasn't big enough (seriously!)
2) I will be doing the Disney College Program Summer 2014! I am going to be characters and working at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.
3) I will drive an extra 20 minutes to stay away from Walmart to go to Target.
4) I have never been kissed.... by a guy......
5) I love Barefoot Contessa. Omg I would rather watch her than Paula Deen sorry but I had.
6) I have been asked out by an Alabama QB and yes I turned him down.
7) I was Alpha Delta Pi Eta
8) Bad habit: I ramble when I talk about: Make up, organizing, Disney, and books.
9) My socks are the first article of clothing I put on... I don't know why.
10) I used to LOVE the reading stage in the Tuscaloosa Public Library in the kid section.
11) Speaking of TPL I still have a good library card from there yet I live in Huntsville and before that I lived in Seattle. Sorry it's just close to my heart.
12) My Barbies growing up had no toes because my cousin Carolina would eat them.
13) My roommate in college at U of A was the Barbie toe eater above!
14) I have 3 degrees at the moment but I'm working on 5.
15) My favorite part of London? Toss between accents and tea.
16) Lush stores are bad for my bank account seriously. (So is their website)
17) I love NIKE shoes that aren't for running. But I also love New Balances.
18) I show my middriff a lot. Didn't realize I did that until I moved back to the Bible Belt.
19) I love being Methodist. I had some really bad experiences with Baptists (8 different Baptist churches to be exact!) Presbyterian was ok. But Methodist or nondemonational work the best for me.
20) My Lexus LX is named Lexi... I was laying in it and watching TVD... :D
21) S&M by Rihanna is a song I love because well I am into that.
22) Speaking on that subject I do love 50 Shades of Grey and no I did not find that Bared to You by Sylvia Day better. I still go back to 50.
23) I do have a pair of Christian Louboutins.
24) My first iPad was bought and given to me by one of my best friend's fiances...
25) I would rather show the bottom part of my buttocks than the top of my crack... Think most guys agree with me. :D
26) My favorite shows are: Golden Girls, Designing Women, Friends, TVD, Gossip Girls, NCIS, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, The Nanny, Gilmore Girls, and Project Runway.
27) I remember the first song I heard in London.... Birthday - Selena Gomez. 
28) I have two of the most wanted appliances thanks to my grandparents. Keurig and Kitchen Aid Mixer.
29) I know a lot of things about 80s shows thanks to my grandma who was totally obsessed with VCRs and taped every holiday show. The original Carebears, My Little Ponys, He-Man and She-Ra, Huggabunch, Rose Petals Place, Pound Puppies and others. So yes I know olllllld commercials as well. 
30) I killed my first rabbit at 3 and half years old and ran to mom holding it by its ears screaming that I had killed Thumper.
31) I have watched Bambi no it does not make me cry.
32) However Nester the Long Ear Donkey (every SINGLE time) and Lion King (sometimes) will make me cry.
33) I am obsessed with Claymation during the holidays.... Sad yes moving on.
34) I got a first hand view of April 27, 2011 on 15th Street and McFarland because my dad was where Hobby Lobby used to be. 
35) I have notepads everywhere.
36) I can kill a spider however, roach (of any sort) is like a man coming toward me in a back alley in a corner with a knife that is covered in poison and he has a gun, and he has a really gross beard yeaahhhhh. I hate roaches worst than anything.
37) I have odd taste in music seriously.... Top 20 Most Played Songs on my iTunes....
  1. Cruise -FLGA with Nelly
  2. Pretty Eyes - Alex Goot
  3. Titanium - David Guetta
  4. American Girl - Bonnie McKee  
  5. Ridin Solo - Jason Derulo  (LOVING THIS SONG)
  6. Rain Is A Good Thing - Luke Bryan
  7. Mama's Room - Under the Influence of Giants (SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Thanks to Chris Rasbrowen 
  8. Sex - The 1975 
  9. S&M (Remix) - Rihanna ft. Britney Spears
  10. Wishes - Disney's Fireworks
  11. World of Our Own - Westlife
  12. Tearin Up My Heart - NSYNC
  13. He's Alright - Kurt Vile
  14. Rock N Roll - Skrillex
  15. Whole Wide World - Mindy Gledhill
  16. Ho Hey - The Lumineers
  17. What Goes Around... Comes Around - Justin Timberlake
  18. Stronger - Kanye West
  19. Greatest Day - Take That
  20. Jingle Bells - Michael Buble
38) I can pole dance. 
39) I have a serious obsession with the following stores: Lush, Target, Body Shop, Sephora, Ulta, MAC, Bath and Body Works.
40) Needles rank up there with roaches unless it's tattoo needles.
41) I have been a huge Bonnie McKee since 2002.... So yeah.
42) Google Drive is like my personal extra brain and if it wasn't enough I have Evernote too.
43) I do like regular fairies only the Disney ones. Especially TINK!!!
44) My best friend from my childhood was Peter Pan. We did all kinds of crazy things.
45) One of the greatest moments I remember with my dad is him taking me to the book sale at the library and him taking pictures of me blowing bubbles.
46) Also him teaching to defend myself. I literally can catch a knife and arrow coming straight at me thanks to him. 
47) I have a pair of Alabama Undies from PINK and I seriously wear them every Saturday that Alabama plays. This started in 2009 btw. 
48) If I have creamed potatoes (soupy mashed potatoes) I will literally mix fried chicken fingers, corn and green beans in with it. Also done biscuits too.
49) I have to use extra strength deoderant because I have stress sweat so bad. I know gross but hey it could be worse.
50) I have a snoodle and a bichon frise. Snoodle? Snouser + Poodle = Theo!
51) Both my dogs DO NOT have pet dander because they literally get a shower every day with me or who ever is in the house.
52) I am now a DVC member. Disney Vacation Club
53) I am so organized that I literally a certain way my cleaning supplies have to go.
54) I already have my wedding dress.
55) Extensions make my life easier. Big night? Big volumous curls instantly.
56) I had a crush on one of my best friend's fiance when I met him even though I had a boyfriend.
57) Seriously I cannot go into Bath and Body Works without buying a candle...
58) I am just not that into Halloween. 
59) My house will be cold during the holidays because 1. I like wearing coming sweaters and sweat shirts. 2. I love throws. 3. I love fireplaces.
60) I am the weirdo that seriously will play hopscotch with the tiles on the grocery store floor.
61) I drink alcohol atleast twice a week. Just saying.
62) I have a flat in London. So yeah I am international land owner!!
63) I have been wrapped around my daddy's hand since the day I was born. Trust me it's more than a finger.
64) I was on my school's dance team.
65) I went to an All Girl's School and graduated 2 years early.
66) I have been a brunette before seriously.
67) Chikfila is definitely a must for me atleast once a week. No joke even at Disney.
68) I literally could not read New Moon. I had to skip to the back when Edward returned.
69) St. Jude's is very close to my heart.
70) I play the guitar (Electric, accoustic, and bass) and the piano.
71) I have won awards for hunting.
72) I refuse to look down at my kids while I teach. I hated it as a kid. I get on their eye for respect.
73) I hate when adults throw the Bible Verse To obey the parents. Well guess "Treat others you want to be treated is one too."
74) I am learning to ball room dance.
75) I did missions as a kid.
76) S.E.X. by Nickelback makes me think of the TV show True Blood.
77) My dad actually makes sure I have condom in my wallet. 
78) My mom followed me one night in high school to see if I was where I said I would be. I wasn't. I was at the library.... NERD
79) When in college my mom told my dad to follow me to see if where I said I was... I wasn't. I was dancing on the bar top. But he didn't do what she said he just asked me the next night helping nurse a hangover.
80) My mom thought I could be a lesbian and had her preacher talk to me. And since he was Baptist I told I like to suck dicks and not pussy. I think the church almost caught fire.
81) I have been skinny dipping.
82) I love to run.
83) I hate noisy people.
84) I hate nurses more than doctors. Most are pure ass bitches.
85) I try not to curse but honestly sometimes my anger mixed with excitement makes me mess that up.
86) My daddy actually knows more about how to handle me on my period than my mother.
87) My favorite cupcakes to make? Mtn dew Cupcakes with mtn dew frosting with doritos on top.
88) I dip sour cream and onion potatoes chips into chocolate frosting.
89) I love dipping my food into sauces. Zax sauce and honey mustard are my favorite.
90) When people have a problem with me I don't give a crap. It's their problem not mine. :D
91) I love stepping out of limos, thanks Aunt Charlene for this habit.
92) Football, Baseball, and softball are really the only sports I care about.
93) I am not looking for a sugar daddy nor am I looking for a leech.
94) I do not plan on going to the hospital for birth. I will see every option before I resort to that.
95) I love covers of most songs.
96) During the winter I love the sparkling red grape juice. (Psssst I have some chilling in the fridge now.)
97) I love to ice skate.
98) I can literally say word for word what they overhead speaker says on a Disney bus.
99) I can do the splits both ways.
100) My name is Hunter (not a boy) Devon (not a boy) Collins (nut Cullen) I am from Eutaw (Not the state). Pet peeve! 

I want to read your random facts! I am tagging you below if I want to read your 50 random facts! You can do 100 if you want.

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