When I posted yesterday's currents I knew I would be writing this post today. For it's now a year until we get married. Writing that out seems so strange, and talking about it is even weirder. But at the same time, I see in my mind ideas of the perfect hybrid of Disney/Haunted Mansion/Harry Potter wedding. 

Our theme for our wedding is unique to us because we aren't just a Disney couple. We are also huge Harry Potter fans. So why not combine the two together for the perfect wedding? That's what we are doing. Getting married on a Friday during football season... What did you honestly expect me to get married on a football Saturday? Not gonna happen in my family.

What does getting married mean to me? Funny this question hits my mind on today of all days. I asked Vin a question about why he doesn't get all territorial of me when other guys hit on me. He doesn't put his arm on or around me. He stands beside me. His answer was perfect and fits our romantic life perfectly. "We are better off as friends." I hear so many couples today that get a divorce, "We are better as friends."

That saddens me about them. They don't to hold the responsibility of filling up that person's love tank anymore. And I knew Vin's answer perfectly, because I feel the same way. We are team, each other's backup. We have recently took up watching NCIS. Where they fight bad guys, we fight the world together. We tackle bills, children problems, diagnoses, and etc. The way we work is interesting. Sometimes, I'm laidback and he is the boss. And then sometimes, it's the other way around. I guess we have a bit of turf thing withing our relationship. So where are we neutral? London, some would say. We, however, agree it's Orlando.

Over the last year I have deeply thought about the first time I met Vin. It makes me smirk, because we both felt like we were macho. And yet we found each other and we drove each other crazy. That was at the age of 11 for me. It's hard to believe that the cap that is on my head now is the same cap I stole from the 13 year old fourteen years ago with the same smirk I am giving him now. 

And I am smirking even more, knowing that in a year, I'll be still be smirking at him as his wife. 

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