Etsy Sticker Haul

So I have finally bought my planner for next year... As to which planner I bought and when it will arrive is for another post. But for now, let's stick with the stickers! I had slightly laid off on the sticker buying, because like the whole month of August and September I was on a buying frenzy! But towards the end of September and most of October I was good. KGPlanner is what made me fall off the wagon.

KGPlanner started her own website and emails coupons almost weekly (Goodbye paycheck!) and I really love her website. I understand the transition to a website. Etsy does cost to put products on their website, and that's just for listing them. Get known on Etsy then make your own website. And KGPlanner played it smart because she still has paypal and tracking!

So first from her I received the following four sheets...

Open Book Stickers - These are for several purposes of mine. I want to use them for reading, Bible Study, and to remember certain things about books.

File Folders - I bought these because she gave me a sample sticker on one of my orders before this and it really came in handy! I can think of a lot of things these will come in handy for in the future. From work things, to computer, to organizing my office!

Cute Winter Decorating Kit / Weekly Spread - Most this sheet I will use during January, but I do plan to go ahead and use the Rudolph stickers. This set is just super cute and I had to have it! 

Vintage Christmas Decorating Kit / Weekly Spread - I have been attracted to this spread since she first came out with it! I love it so much. I love things that are vintage. I really want this years Christmas to feel vintagey. Vintage has really changed my life this year and I want to express that in the holidays as well.

For the second shop that I shopped at, it was on Etsy. Salty Planning Co I found just roaming Etsy. I have had these particular stickers in my cart for about a month. I finally decided to get them and I'm very happy about that.

Vintage Holiday Christmas planner stickers - These are actually what lead me to this shop! I love the vintage feel to these. I believe they will go so well with KGPlanner's vintage kit!

What's the Weather planner stickers - I have tried a lot of different weather planning. Stamps, large and small, and different stickers. But these just might be my absolute favorite! They are small, they have all the weather for Alabama, so yeah they are just perfect!

Grocery Shopping planner stickers - I love grocery shopping. I love shopping, but that's beside the point. But I also like going to market as well. I am hoping that these stickers will help remind me which ones I need to go to in the future.

I hope you all have enjoyed my stickers. Feel free to share your favorite shops and websites in the comments below for the stickers in your planner! Until next time!

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