The World of Pumpkin!

Since I didn't give you a Disney Sunday Post I thought I would let you in on the food haul I did from Cost Plus World Market. It's been a long time since I have been to a Cost Plus World Market because there has never been one in Tuscaloosa before now. The last one that I went into was when I was living in Seattle while still in high school. 

So I was back in Tuscaloosa yesterday, for a random drug test that the entire company's name is put into a bag and then we draw names (high tech huh?) And my wonderful IT guy managed to pull my name. So anyhow after taking the drug test we went to the new shopping center in Tuscaloosa. The Shoppes at Legacy Park is brand new to Tuscaloosa. They just started opening the stores back in September! These shops are awesome for Tuscaloosa! More jobs, better shopping, and more cash flow kept in Tuscaloosa instead of people going to Hoover or Birmingham.

So, as a treat to myself I told the friends and family, that live with me, that we were going shopping. We went into Cost Plus World Market and I fell in love instantly! They have stuff from all over the... you guessed it; the world! It's awesome for me to have a place to buy tea biscuits instead of at Disney World. 

So anyhow, of the food ideas I bought they were all pumpkin related. Which wasn't planned!

World Market® Halloween Pasta - Sometimes for lunches I will fun shaped pasta for the kids and myself. Yes, even though they are homeschooled I get up and prepare lunches before I leave. It lets them know that I thought about them. Vin oversees the homeschooling when we are in Alabama, and when we are in North Carolina, I take over the homeschooling. So this pasta is just so cute. Little bats, witches, spiders, and pumpkins in different colors. I'm not sure yet just what recipe I will make with this. Watch for it on Instagram.

Zhena's Gypsy Tea Harvest Sampler Tin, 16-Count - For starts the packaging is so cute and so amazing. The cans are attached to one another. There is Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Apple, Chocolate Truffle, and Cranberry Bliss. So far I have only tried out the Pumpkin Spice. It's so delicious! 

Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai - In keeping with my tea obsession, I found this little box. Now I have tried the Twinings Chai but never with pumpkin! I cannot wait to try this in the morning! It will be so delicious! Plus, it's just perfect to add to my collection of tea.

World Market® Pumpkin Spice Blend Coffee - While I am drinking my tea, Vin will be sipping his coffee. He actually really likes flavored coffee and likes to try different blends. In fact, he has tried quite a few different flavors already this fall of coffee. I am hoping this might be one of his favorites!

Market Classics® Chipotle Pumpkin Soup Mix - When I see these dips and soups that are packaged like this, it makes me want to buy them all. I couldn't refuse a pumpkin soup that is chipotle flavored too! I know with how cold the Smoky Mountains nights can get and I think that this will sure warm us up.

Farmers' Market Pumpkin Purée Tetrapak - They had this placed perfectly! It was about a foot from the soup. Since this is one of the three outside ingredients from the packaged soup, I was quite happy. Plus, I am a sucker for boxed products. I prefer boxed food, like milk and such. I am a weirdo, but it's true. It was worth the price to buy this organic pumpkin.

Now this should be the end of the pumpkin things I brought home with me, but it's not. My best friend's youngest daughter, Briar, asked very politely if she could go to "Aunt Hunter 'mowtin' home." Her daddy and mommy let her and since they call her pumpkin she is the best pumpkin thing in the mix! 

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