The Duffy Situation

Duffy is Mickey's teddy bear. Minnie made Duffy for Mickey for his travels. He met many adventures. He has been greeting people in different seasonal outfits for about 5 years. I love Duffy. I have my own stuffed Duffy.

However, Disney just removed Duffy out of Disney World. But the weird thing they are bringing in his girlfriend's merchandise. How does this make sense? The whole thing is baffling. To me there are several ways and reasons why Duffy and his girlfriend should stay in all Disney parks!

One, I think they should reintroduce Duffy (which they might be doing so.) Mickey's Clubhouse is very big right now. Introduce Duffy that way. Make him a household name. Trust me, I know this is Disney's "Build-A-Bear" competition move, but they really can make it more than that. Have Duffy be a Disney wish bear! Be able to "sew" in a Disney wish into Duffy!

Two, I think Duffy and his girlfriend, ShellieMay, should be a part of more parks. They are already at Aluni, but make them more visible in the parks. Really market the babies and toddlers for Duffy. A snuggle teddy bear is amazing for fears, it helps them have something comforting a Disney bear might just be that.

Three, create more merchandise. There is a base story, but create more stories. Have them come in all forms. Board books for babies. Golden books for toddlers. Really market the teddy bears of Mickey and Minnie. Have cartoons or movies. This is a huge way for Disney to make profit. They just have to market it in a special way.

Four, Duffy and ShellieMay already have international recognition. For years Japan has shown off all of their Duffy and ShellieMay merchandise. I believe that if it can be popular in other countries. It can be popular in the U.S. as well.

So here is to hoping that Duffy is just taking a short break, and will return with his girlfriend ShellieMay soon! 

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