I May Be Planning on Putting up My Tree But I'm Still Thankful

Welcome back to my blog if you are returning and hello if you are just joining me for the first time. It's almost Halloween and I'm planning on putting up my holiday decorations with Disney. A new tradition for me. But there is one tradition that I am starting this year that is for you guys.

Each Thursday I'll be posting a list of things I have been thankful for the entire week prior to that Thursday. Like the first Thankful Thursday will be a week after this post is dated. It will include all the things that I am thankful for the week.

Thankful - feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative. This is how dictionary.com defines thankful. And adjective that I want more of in my life. It's not boasting, it's realizing just how much I take for granted every day. While I wish for something more, there are people around me are wishing for the things that I have, and take for granted.

In life I forget to praise God for the blessings He has given me. I forget when a prayer is answered to praise Him. And I shouldn't just be asking, asking, etc. I should be praising, praising, etc. God is truly amazing, and my love for Him hopefully shines through in my work. It might not, but I am hoping that it changes.

A lot of people do Thankful Thursdays during the year, especially November, so why is this different? Because I want to really marinate myself in why I should be thankful. Why I should be thankful from God's perspective. How to truly show appreciation for the things I have in my life. God doesn't have to give us the things He gives in order for us to understand Him, and his son, Jesus Christ. That's what I want to showcase this season, is the many blessings that I receive that's to His amazing grace.

I'll also be posting a Thankful list in my planner as well. The fact that I can keep these moments are very special to me. It's wonderful to also be able to share these things as well. The amount of happiness that is already filling me because of the holiday season is upon us is tremendous.

What sort of Thankful rituals or traditions do you have? Are you doing any Thankful Thursdays or thankful challenges?  If so comment below!

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