Girl Talks PERIOD

Men and children you have been advised.

Pretty sure we all sing this song while on our period.

So this was actually requested for me to do. Trust me, I found it odd too. But I even organized things that have to do with my period is probably why this was requested. I will list things and explain. Trust me I have a lot for my period. I stay pretty upbeat for my period except the second day. I have a heavy period. I do not take birth control anymore. I took it for like a month and talked with my doctor that I have no reason really to take a pill when pregnancy is not a concern at all right now and I think changing my lifestyle would be better to help with my acne.

So basically I'll break into sections.

Tampons, Pads, and Liners 

I try to buy these items in bulk when I can so. I will be linking the bulk prices check for stores around you if you don't buy in bulk.

Days 1 & 2 -

***Only in rare cases do I use the Ultra size but in the scene that I do I use Tampax Pearl Plastic Unscented Tampons Ultra****

At home: U by Kotex Click Super Plus Tampons
Going Somewhere: U by Kotex Sleek Super Plus Tampons

Days 3&4 -

***I prefer the scented ones... Yes I know I am weird that I like that my tampons are scented***
At home: Playtex Sport Super
Going Somewhere: Tampax Radiant Super

Days 4&5 -

At home: Playtex Sport Regular
Going Somewhere: Tampax Radiant Regular

Days 6 &7-

At home: Tampax Pearl Compak Plastic, Lites / Light AbsorbencyKotex U Ultra Thin Pantiliners
Going Somewhere: Playtex Sport LightAlways Radiant Incredibly Liners


Day: Midol Complete Gelcap - yes it has to be the two toned gelcaps. It's pretty and it works fast!
Night: Midol PM Maximum Strength Night Time Relief - I have to have this on my period or I wake up 4 times during the night freaking out.


Chickfila Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich - No I'm not kidding. This is great protein and it tastes amazing with their honey mustard!

Tea - During this time of the month I love tea... Ok so I love tea all the time but I put back certain teas for this time of the month.

Teavana Honeybush Vanilla Herbal TeaTeavana Moroccan Mint Green TeaTeavana Chocolate Bananas Foster Herbal Tea

Lipton Orange Blossom Hibiscus Herbal Tea, and Mandarin Orange Green Tea

Dark chocolate - Yes dark chocolate is actually good for you on your period. Don't like dark chocolate? Get Lindts dark chocolate or Dove's dark chocolate.

Bananas - I love having a chocolately, peanut butter and banana smoothie! But I can eat a banana in my oatmeal as well.

This is my recipe for the single serving smoothie I make:
Half a banana
1/2 cup of peanut butter
1/2 cup of non-fat milk
6 ice cubes
1 tablespoon of dark chocolate powder
Place all into a blender and blend until smooth

CVS Calcium Chews Milk Chocolate - I pop one of these in my mouth after breakfast each morning of my period. These really do work!

Another way to get some calcium is with another recipe I love!
Toast a slice of mozzarella (low fat if you are really concerned) on whole wheat bread. I like to make little mozzarella sandwiches. I then dip it into some marinara sauce. It satisfies the munchies.

Another snack that is great for this time of the month is fresh fruit and peanut butter dip.
For the dip:
6 oz of nonfat yogurt 
2 tsp of peanut butter
Take Triscuits spread Laughing Cow Light cheese and top it with salsa for another amazing snack.

And the last snack I enjoy and it's my favorite snack of all time to make:
2 slices of deli sliced chicken
2 ounces of Swiss cheese cut into strips
2 multigrain cracker
2 tbsp of ounces or vegetable cream cheese spread
Roll the chicken slices around the cheese and arrange on top of crackers
Then top with either salsa or spread.
Trust me it's delicious!


Playtex Sport Body Wipes Single Packs
Always Always Wipes Tub Lightly Scented 40 Count
VS Racerback Sports Bra  - Breast tenderness? A supporting bra helps and relieves that instead of just letting them go free!
Anything to help me have a relaxing bath; bath salts, bath oils, bath bombs, and bubbles.

As my aunt tells me every time I complain on my period "Cramps are better than contractions."

Yes I am one of those people who likes to do yoga for cramps. I have used this video several times now.

Various Things

This is probably the most random objects needed for a period, but it's what works for me.

Mrs. Meyer's Counter Top Spray Lemon Verbena - As much as Tampon commercials would love for us to believe that using tampons is pleasant and mess free, we live in a real world. And periods are clean. So instead of your brothers or significant other having to see blood anywhere use this! I swear by it now.

Thermacare Heat Wraps Menstrual Cramp Relief - I use these when I'm at work and the cramps are terrible.

Warm Tradition GREEN Classic Hot Water Bottle - I like using water bottle more than heating pads when I'm at home they are easier to cuddle with and doesn't get to the point of burning my skin.

Warm Tradition Red Transparent LOVE Heart Hot Water Bottle - The reason I have a heart shaped one is because this contours to my body shape.

So gross yet so true!

Other Acknowledgements

I get to period Subscription Boxes. I do not put them on Sunday No Post where I list all of my Subscription boxes. But these are the boxes I do subscribe to for that time of the month.

Juniper - They ask you a few questions at the beginning of the website and they are great.

Hello Flo - This would be the subscription that I would get Rain if she was at the age for her first periods. It's a great box for beginners and those of us who are way to use to Mother's Nature gift.

Bonjour Jolie - Like the other ones they give you enough feminine products (not always but it's great to use for travel) they give you a surprise, some food, and pain medication.

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