Yolo: You Only Live Once Be Drug Free Homeschool Edition

Week before last was Red Ribbon Week. I remember doing Red Ribbon Week while I was in school. They would give out red ribbon stickers, saying how drug free was the way to be. However, my children are homeschooled. I wanted them to know the same importance of being drug free even though it is our household environment, and that's understood. I do not even allow people to smoke/vape at my house.

The two tutors/nannies were actually the ones to decide to do a Red Ribbon Week during the homeschooling week. They set up to figure out ways so that the kids could have fun and learn at the same time. Especially in today's time with drug use being so high, no child should not find out the dangers and setbacks that drugs can cause. They came up with five awesome days for Red Ribbon Week:

  • Monday: Dress up as a Future Career/ College Clothing ---   “My Future is Bright”
  • Tuesday: Wear Red or Pink ---     “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free”
  • Wednesday: Dress like your favorite superhero! --- “I Have the Power to Be Drugs Free”
  • Thursday: Wear mixed up crazy socks! --- “Don’t Let Drug Mix You Up”
  • Friday: Favorite Team shirt ---     “Team Up Against Drugs”

The kids learned about the consequences of using drugs. It was easy to show them different famous people, but also regular people who had their lives flipped upside down. The older ones had to find news articles about someone who was arrested for drugs or destructed decision making caused by drugs. They were all amazed.

It is very sad, I remember when I was participating in Red Ribbon Week in elementary school. Some of those same people who wore that ribbon with me have let their lives be uprooted by drugs. Drinking and driving, smoking while pregnant, drugs, etc, have taken over their lives or a decision was made that forever changed their lives.

It is crazy the people that I've heard who choose pain pills and drinking because they feel like their life doesn't matter. What really gets me are the ones who do that thinking their lives will get better for it. I have had friends ask me for money just so they can get their next round, even if they can't afford their own utilities. That's not what I want for my children, or a role model for my children.

Red Ribbon week is for all children to learn, Teach them what will really happen, it only takes one time. One decision for your life to change forever.

Please visit Red Ribbon Campaign. You can find all sorts of information or even donate or pledge!

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